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(1) Chinese Government Scholarship

1. Country-specific bilateral programs (Type A ): Country-specific bilateral programs are full scholarships or partial scholarships based on educational cooperation and exchange agreements or consensus reached between China and relevant governments, institutions, schools, and international organizations. Hohai University does not accept applications directly and can provide pre-admission notices to those who meet the admission requirements.

For details, see:



2. Autonomous Enrollment Program of Colleges and Universities (Type B ): Applicants complete the online application of China Scholarship Council:

http://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn, school code: 10294, and complete the online application of Hohai University.

The Chinese Government Scholarship implements an annual review system, and the results of the review serve as the basis for whether to continue to provide Chinese Government Scholarship funding.


(2) Hohai University Scholarship

The school implements dynamic management of scholarships, and re-evaluates scholarships every year based on students' school performance, academic performance, and overall quality.

1. First-class scholarship: includes tuition, on-campus accommodation, comprehensive medical insurance, and living expenses.

2. Second-class scholarship: includes tuition fees and on-campus accommodation.

3. Third-class scholarship: including tuition fees.


(3) Nanjing Municipal Government Scholarship

Funding standard: 20,000 yuan / year. Applicants download the "Nanjing Municipal Government Scholarship Application Form for Foreign Students": http://ie.hhu.edu.cn/7298/list.htm, and upload it to the online application system as an attachment after filling in.


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