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Accommodation Management Regulations

1. On-campus apartment accommodation

1.1 Check in

International students are about to move into the apartment, they must go to the service desk on the first floor of the International Student Apartment A13 to complete the accommodation, and provide the following materials to complete the corresponding procedures:

Prepaid room fee (double room): 600 yuan per bed (not including electricity bills, electricity bills need to be paid by yourself), the room fee is calculated on a semester basis, international students should pay at least one semester when registering, and give up their studies during the semester At that time, the room rate will be settled according to the actual time of residence. Long-term international students living in the international student dormitory need to pay the electricity fee. After moving into the international student dormitory, please go to the service counter of the apartment where you live to purchase electricity immediately. The electricity fee will be paid in advance, with more refunds and less supplements. When leaving school, the unused electricity fee can be refunded to the international students themselves.

Apply for the "Registration Form for Foreigners' Accommodation."

4 photos (3*4 inches).

After checking in at the service counter, you will receive the room key. Please take care of your own keys so that you don’t lose them. When checking out, if the public facilities and supplies in the apartment are damaged, the student should pay the corresponding fee.


1.2 Relevant regulations on apartment management

1) The rooms in all student dormitories are uniformly deployed by the international student dormitory, and international students are not allowed to change rooms at will. If you need to change, you should first submit a written application to the International Education Institute, decide whether to change the bed in a non-vacant room according to the actual situation, and provide only one opportunity to change the room in the same apartment. The apartment has the right to require students to share a room, and students must follow the arrangements of the apartment and the International Education Institute.

2) International students must strictly implement the schedule and meeting system. Students are not allowed to stay in the student dormitory without authorization, and the phenomenon of mixed gender is prohibited.

3) Keep the international student apartment clean and quiet, and must not disturb the normal life and rest of others. Comply with the relevant management regulations of the apartment. The international student apartment closes at 24:00 at night. Please be sure to return to your residence before this time.

4) The hot water supply time of each room and public shower room is 24 hours a day.

5) There are public washing machines in the international student dormitory. International students need to buy laundry coins at the front desk of the apartment, and use the washing machine every time they deposit coins.

6) For everyone's personal safety and fire prevention, cooking and the use of high-power or open flame equipment such as electric stoves, rice cookers, refrigerators, and induction cookers are strictly prohibited in the room. Once discovered, the International Education Institute confiscated the electrical appliances from the United Apartment and fined 200 yuan for corresponding treatment. If it is found that more than two times and it is strictly forbidden not to change it, the International Education Institute will recommend that CSC cancel its scholarship qualification. Jinyuan Hotel Apartment has arranged a public kitchen for everyone for everyone to use.

8) Smoking is strictly prohibited in the room, and offenders will be fined 50 yuan.



For details of apartment management, please refer to the International Student Apartment Management Manual.


2. Off-campus accommodation

1) Sign the "Rental Contract" with the owner. Note: Before signing the contract, you should carefully confirm the homeowner’s "Property Certificate" and ask the homeowner to go to the police station where the house is located to assist in the registration of foreigners’ accommodation within 24 hours of moving in, otherwise the rental contract cannot be signed.

2) You must apply for off-campus accommodation with the "Rental Contract" to the International Education Institute, fill in the "International Student Off-campus Accommodation Safety Agreement", and issue a "Check-out Notice" to the front desk of the apartment to check out.

3) Hold the "Foreigner Accommodation Registration Form" (in triplicate), "Overseas Personnel 839 Entry Form", and "Approval of Residence Outside the Apartment" to apply for accommodation registration at the police station of the rented house within 24 hours of moving into the off-campus residence (may be It is more convenient to ask the landlord to assist in handling).

4) Properly keep the approved "Foreigner Accommodation Registration Form" for inspection during visa application and departure. Holders of residence permits are also required to go through procedures for changing their residence permit addresses.



1) Students who have changed their place of residence must perform the above procedures again when they move. International students who do not go through the procedures for registration of accommodation and change of residence in accordance with the regulations will not be able to apply for the relevant visa procedures, and the public security organs will also impose penalties on them in accordance with the law.

2) The student's personal behavior of renting a house off-campus and all matters between the student and the landlord are handled by the student himself, and the school is not responsible.

3) Refer to the on-campus apartment management regulations for off-campus apartment management regulations.


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