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Campus Information

1. Campus network

The rooms in the International Student Apartments are equipped with Internet ports. Students who wish to use a personal computer to access the Internet in the room can bring their passports to the 310 office of the International Education Institute to go through the Internet procedures. If you have any questions about the network, you can go to the school network center for consultation, Harbin Institute of Technology Network Center:

Office location: Teacher and Student Service Center of Harbin Institute of Technology

Office hours: Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 17:00 pm

There are no rest days during office hours (except winter and summer vacations and statutory holidays).

Service-Hotline: 86414659-801

Out-of-campus network customer service hotline:

Mobile: 10086

China Unicom: 10010

Netcom: 10060


2. Canteen location and opening time

1) Xueyuan Building Restaurant-Open from 7:00 in the morning to 20:00 in the evening

2) Convenient canteen-business hours 6:30 to 22:00 (Student canteens need to use a meal card, which can be processed at the Food Service Center, located on the first floor of Xueyuan Building)


3. Bank

The only bank that can handle foreign currency exchange services in China is Bank of China. The Institute of International Education recommends that you go to Bank of China for relevant business. There are many banks on campus, including Bank of China, Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Harbin Bank, and Agricultural Bank.


4. Post office

There is a postal service department on the first floor of the administrative building and the main building on campus.


5. Transportation

Bus stop: It is located about 50 meters to the right of the main entrance of Harbin Institute of Technology's main campus. You can reach the city center by bus.

Harbin Railway Station: From Harbin Station, take No. 110, No. 64, No. 94, No. 107, and No. 81 and pass 3 stops to reach Harbin Institute of Technology Station; walk about 370 meters to the main entrance of Harbin Institute of Technology; take a taxi for 10 minutes.

Harbin West Railway Station: Take the subway from Harbin Institute of Technology Station to Harbin West Railway Station; or take No. 64, No. 11, or No. 120, after about 17 stops, you can reach Harbin West Railway Station. The taxi fare is about 20 yuan, and the whole journey is 7.2 kilometers.

Harbin Metro Line 1: Starting point at Hanan Station, passing by Hada-Second Hospital of Medical University-Heilongjiang University-University of Science and Technology-Xuefu Road-Hexing Road-West Bridge-Harbin Institute of Technology-Railway Bureau-Museum —— First Hospital of Medical University—— Tobacco Factory—— Endpoint: Engineering University


Harbin Taiping International Airport:

1) Airport Bus Line 1

The first train at 6:00 and the last train at 20:00 every 30 minutes. After the last train, it departs according to flight take-off and landing)

Stations along the way from downtown to airport: Civil Aviation Building-Kang'an Road-Taiping International Airport

Airport-Stations along the urban area: Taiping International Airport-Kang'an Road-Tongda Street-Anfa Bridge-Harbin Institute of Technology-Harbin Railway Station-Civil Aviation Building


2) Citybus

Passengers in the city can take No. 2, 3, 21, 22, 68, 69, 82, 103, 108, 111, 115 and get off at the Swan Hotel Station. Passengers near Hadong Station can take No. 27 The bus got off at the Minhang Road station.

Please take the airport bus 2.5 hours before the flight departure. The fare of the airport bus is 20 yuan/person. The boarding point for the airport-to-city line is at the domestic arrival exit on the 1st floor of the terminal. The bus from the airport to the city departs at the time of the arrival flight.

If there is an inbound flight, the corresponding bus will be sent to the city.

Passengers coming to Harbin by plane from other places will have a pick-up bus at the square in front of the railway station at 5:10 a.m., and the bus will be distributed directly to the airport at 6:30. There is only one bus a day. At the same time, an airport bus from the airport to Daqing has also been added line.


3) Taxi

You can take a taxi from the terminal of Taiping Airport, and it will cost about 130 yuan to the center of Harbin (including high-speed fare)


6. Frequently used telephone

Frequently used telephone registrations for international students:

Police (POLICE): 110 Fire (FIRE): 119

FIRST AID: 120 Traffic accidents (TRAFFIC): 122

Urban telephone inquiries: 114 Security Office of Harbin Institute of Technology: 86414890

Garden Police Station: 86232588 Airport Inquiries: 82894220

On-campus apartment:

The front desk of International Student Apartment (Thirteenth Apartment): 86415704

The front desk of International Student Apartment (Six Apartment): 86414726

The front desk of International Student Apartment (Ten Apartment): 86416324

The front desk of International Student Apartment (District Two and One Apartment): 86282772

Off-campus apartment:

The front desk of Hart International Student Apartment: 86790300

Reception desk of Jinyuan International Student Apartment: 86383111


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