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Certificate Application Guide

Student ID, Student Card

Students admitted by this school will be issued student cards and student IDs by the school after passing the review and obtaining the school status. Students must return their student card and student ID when they go through the formalities for leaving school due to graduation, transfer, withdrawal, expulsion, etc. After the freshmen enroll in the collection of information, the school will issue certificates and be issued by the teaching secretary of the department. If there is any loss, it must be reported to the college (department) for the record immediately. If you find the original card (certificate), you should submit it to your college (department). Once found to use Doka (certificate), disciplinary sanctions will be given depending on the seriousness of the circumstances and the qualification for evaluation awards and bursaries within one year will be cancelled.


Students who have lost their student ID cards should go to the Harbin Institute of Technology Teachers and Students Service Center window 17 to complete the renewal procedures; students who have lost their student cards should go to the library to report the loss first, and then go to the Harbin Institute of Technology Teachers and Students Service Center to apply for renewal procedures. formalities. The fee for reissue is 15 yuan/card.


Meal card

Bring the original passport, photocopy, student ID or student card to the first floor of the Xueyuan restaurant.


Apartment access card

Go to the front desk of the apartment you live in with your meal card.


Book card

The student card is the library card, which is issued by the teaching secretary of the college. When using the library, students should strictly abide by the relevant regulations of the library, and it is strictly forbidden to download papers using the paper download software prohibited by the library.


Certificate of enrollment, transcript


First, log in to the website of the Academic Affairs Office ( http://jwc.hit.edu.cn/2537/list.htm ), enter the user name and password (the initial password is the student number), enter the system to select materials to make an appointment, and fill in the certificate of enrollment and transcript Print the number of copies. After Alipay pays the fee, go to the designated place to pick it up at the specified time. In principle, the School of Undergraduate Students arranges to collect the certification materials every Tuesday and Thursday. Please make appointments in advance according to your needs. If there is any change, please refer to the announcement of the School of Undergraduate Students.



Go to the teacher-student service hall, enter your student number in the self-service printer, you can self-print the certificate of enrollment and transcripts.


Hantu students:

Chinese tuition students can apply for a certificate of enrollment at the teacher in charge.


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