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Cloud Happy New Year



Affected by the epidemic, 238 international students from 73 countries at Harbin Institute of Technology did not return home this holiday. Like many Chinese, these international students actively responded to Harbin’s anti-epidemic prevention and control advocacy, and supported low-risk areas to "raise awareness of epidemic prevention, do a good job in self-prevention and control, reduce the flow of people, and gather during the New Year." Chinese New Year". February 12 is the first day of the Lunar New Year. The International Education Institute organizes these international students who stay in Harbin to gather in the cloud and send blessings to each other.




In order to better let these students from all over the world understand the traditional folk culture of the Chinese New Year, the teachers of the Chinese International Education Center told the students the origin of the Spring Festival and the customs of New Year greetings. From the legend of the "nian" in ancient times to the folk customs of the Spring Festival, from traditional visits to the new year's greetings to the modern "cloud" New Year's greetings, from kowtow to collect the New Year's money to send blessings to WeChat red envelopes, students and teachers share the meaning of Chinese New Year. Feel the traditional Chinese "Flavour of the New Year" and the new fun of the modern Chinese New Year.




At the beginning of the new year, teachers and students gather in the clouds to send each other blessings and give each other warmth and comfort. "Being a stranger in a foreign country, and thinking about family every holiday season." The instructor and teacher from the International Education Institute and the students of Harbin Institute of Technology jointly sent warm wishes. Although they cannot go home to reunite with their families, there are enthusiastic teachers. Lovely classmates are by your side, and classmates can also feel the warmth of home.




One yuan returns to the beginning, the Taurus is coming to celebrate the Spring Festival; Vientiane is renewed, and the house is full of purple spirits. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, this is the most lively moment in China. However, the epidemic is not over yet. During the holidays, we must still pay attention to protection, take care of your body, and welcome the new semester in a healthy and full state, and welcome the warmth of spring after the epidemic.


The past 2020 was an unusual year, and it is also a year worth remembering for all of us. Each time silhouette is a unique coordinate that records the days when we go hand in hand and overcome difficulties together. Harbin Institute of Technology is full of new vitality after a hundred years, and we are fortunate to witness her embarking on a new journey, opening a new century of excellence with Chinese characteristics, world-class standards, and Harbin Institute of Technology's specifications. In 2021, we will continue to carry forward the standards and skills of Harbin Institute of Technology, with new changes and new expectations. Our teachers and students are in the same boat, and we will write a new chapter together.


Finally, all teachers of the International Education College wish all the students "the new born calf is not afraid of the tiger" when they encounter difficulties in the new year, and they will be down-to-earth in their studies and be "brilliant" and make new achievements. Start again in the blessings, to harvest new hard work!


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