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International students visit Aerospace Museum



In order to strengthen the spiritual education of Harbin Institute of Technology for international students in our school, and enhance the cohesion and sense of belonging of international students. On the afternoon of April 16, the International Education Institute organized international students to visit the University's Aerospace Museum. 43 international students from 20 countries including Russia, Turkmenistan, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Indonesia participated.


Although the international students participating in this event have different cultural backgrounds, they are full of expectations for the space museum. Before entering the aerospace museum, the international students took a group photo in front of the aerospace museum and expressed their love for China and Harbin Institute of Technology with the slogan "I love China, I love HIT." Entering the hall, under the guidance of the instructor, the students were first deeply attracted by the exhibits displayed in the hall. They stopped to watch and take photos before the return capsule of the man-made spacecraft, the Dongfanghong satellite antenna and other precious physical exhibits. "It's so beautiful, it was made by the students of Harbin Institute of Technology!" Before the "most beautiful" earth-moon photo taken by our school's microsatellite team, Pakistani student MUMTAZ ALI HASAN couldn't help sighing. In the influence of the exhibition, a sense of cultural identity has been quietly established between the culture represented by the international students and the Chinese culture.




The Aerospace Museum records the development history of China's aerospace industry, as well as the more than 60 years of ups and downs that Harbin Institute of Technology and China's aerospace industry have traversed together. Through this visit, the international students deepened their understanding of the outstanding qualities of the Chinese people and the national spirit, and at the same time had a deeper understanding of the history of Harbin Institute of Technology, and enhanced their strong recognition and pride in the spirit of Harbin Institute of Technology, which is beneficial to telling Chinese stories. , Let the Chinese story and Chinese spirit penetrate into the hearts of the people and go to the world.




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