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Insurance Management Regulations

All international students studying at our school must purchase insurance in China in accordance with the relevant regulations of the People’s Republic of China and the school’s requirements. Both self-financed degree students and Chinese government scholarship students need to log on to the website www.lxbx.net to purchase insurance in advance when registering for school, and keep the proof of purchase after purchasing the insurance. The insurance premium for Chinese government scholarship students must be paid in advance and reissued later. Those who fail to purchase insurance in accordance with the regulations should be insured within a time limit. Those who fail to purchase the insurance within the time limit will not be accepted by the school; those who have already studied at the school should be withdrawn or not registered. Comprehensive insurance for international students in China mainly includes death insurance liability, accidental disability insurance liability, accidental injury medical insurance liability, outpatient and emergency medical insurance liability, and hospitalization medical insurance liability. In the event of an accidental injury or hospitalization, an international student must notify the teacher in charge as soon as possible, and the student’s school shall file a claim with the insurance company or apply for medical advancement services in accordance with the pre-defined insurance clauses.


The following materials must be provided when accepting claims

1) Copy of the first page of the passport;

2) Hospitalization certificate;

3) Details of medication used in hospitalization;

4) Receipt of medicine fee (original);

5) Cases;

6) Personal bank information (copy of bank card, name of bank account)



1) The name in all bills should be the same as the passport name or the Chinese name used in the insurance;

2) To use the comprehensive medical insurance, you need to go to the hospital designated by the insurance company for treatment, otherwise it will not be reimbursed.

3) The insurance does not cover all the expenses of the students when they seek medical treatment. Some surgery and other related medical treatment items need to be paid at their own expense or in advance.

4) When a student suffers from a major illness or needs surgery, international students are requested to bring their original passports, and family members or friends will issue a power of attorney for them, and relevant disease certification materials.


Relevant regulations on outpatient and emergency medical claims

During each insurance period, the limit of daily expenses is 600 yuan, and some insurers who accumulate more than the threshold of 650 yuan will be paid at the rate of 85%, and the cumulative benefit is limited to the insured amount of 20,000 yuan. When the accumulated benefit amount reaches the insurance amount, the insurance liability of the insured person terminates.

Outpatient and emergency medical expenses reimbursement: Students need to prepare claim materials in accordance with the requirements of the insurance company, pass the review by the teacher in charge, and mail the materials to the insurance company to apply for a claim.

Consultation Hotline / Claim Phone: 400-810-5119

Insurance company address: 100033, 9th Floor, Pingan Building, No. 23, Financial Street, Xicheng District, Beijing

Recipient: Zhang Chunxia, Tel: 010-59731677


Matters needing attention

1) Outpatient registration fees, inpatient meals, dental implants, glasses, childbirth, artificial abortion, correction of physical defects, purchase of nutritional supplements, and treatment fees for general chronic diseases before coming to China are all paid by the students; due to violations of the school Discipline, law and discipline (fights, fights, etc.) causing casualties or related expenses are also borne by the students.

2) The effective time of insurance for each academic year is August 25th of each year.

3) For students who have purchased the comprehensive insurance for international students in China designated by our school, if they are out of insurance during the insurance period, the teacher in charge of the International Education College will assist in contacting the insurance company for medical expenses and claims (except outpatient and emergency medical care). If accidents and medical accidents occur outside the effective time of the insurance, you are responsible for yourself.

4) After international students have purchased insurance, if they need to suspend, drop out or transfer in the middle of the school, the insurance purchased will still be effective in China.

5) Any specific matters related to the "Comprehensive Insurance for International Students in China" shall be implemented in accordance with the specific terms of Ping An Insurance Company of China. (Insurance related website: http://www.lxbx.net)


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