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the online seminar under the epidemic was successfully held



The spring breeze is fragrant with flowers and plants, and the "clouds" come together. In order to meet the actual needs of the continuous development of the work of studying in China in the new era under the epidemic situation, to explore the development methods of studying in China in the new era, and to promote the quality and efficiency of the education of international students in our school, on the morning of February 19, 2021, the National Education Institute held a line At the special meeting, we actively discussed how to seize new opportunities for the career development of international students in China and deal with new challenges on the "cloud" side. The meeting was presided over by Gu Jianzheng, Dean of the School of International Education, and Liu Mengnan, Vice Dean, and the responsible comrades of relevant departments attended the meeting.


The theme of this conference is "Explore the new opportunities, new challenges, and new explorations facing the work of studying abroad in China under the epidemic", jointly analyze the new situation of studying in China and discuss how to further improve the overall level of study in China. The conference was divided into three parts: challenges, countermeasures, and new opportunities for enrolling students in China; opportunities and challenges for the management of international students in China during the special period of the epidemic; and seminars on online teaching plans and measures for international Chinese education in 2021.


The main responsible comrades from the Office of Admissions and Employment, the Office of Study Abroad Management, and the Chinese Language International Education Center respectively addressed the reduction in the willingness of international students to apply for study abroad; how to explore online admissions channels and maximize their benefits; and the information management and implementation of international students during the special period of the epidemic Good humanistic care; online Chinese teaching research and other content to make conference speeches. The comrades at the conference analyzed and discussed the current problems in the management of studying abroad in China and the direction of future development, trying to minimize the impact of the epidemic on the cause of studying in China at our school, and providing innovative work ideas and solutions. At the same time, the plan formulated the next step of the educational work strategy for international students for the college. Finally, Dean Gu Jianzheng and Vice Dean Liu Mengnan made concluding remarks respectively.


Under the influence of the epidemic, the School of International Education is actively recognizing and thinking about changes and continues to vigorously improve the quality and level of our school’s international students in China, with the goal of promoting the construction of the "three kung fu" for international students in China, and in the current normalization of epidemic prevention and control work, Closely focus on the country and school development strategy, innovate work ideas, seize the opportunities of the times, build our school's education brand for studying in China, and make new contributions to writing the new century of our school.




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