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International Education College visits international students staying at school



From February 9th to 10th, the School of International Education visited 46 international students who stayed at the school and gave them New Year blessings and gift packages to celebrate the Chinese New Year with them.




There are 238 international students in our school, of which 46 are on-campus international students. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, in order to enrich the holiday life of the students in the school, strengthen the humanistic care for the students in the school, and let the students feel the strong Chinese New Year flavor, the School of International Education has carefully prepared a Spring Festival gift package for the international students in the school. , The instructor and teacher will deliver the gift package to each student’s bedroom to give the students New Year blessings. In the student dormitory, the counselor and classmates posted the word "Fu" together and exchanged blessings. The counselor explained to the students the Chinese New Year customs, asked the students about their vacation life and whether they encountered difficulties and cared about the students and their families. I am in good health, and I urge the students to respond to the call, comply with the school’s epidemic prevention and control requirements, and at the same time enrich their vacation life, keep their mind and body happy, and often call their parents to share their life in China.


The students expressed their gratitude to the school and teachers and hoped that the global epidemic would end as soon as possible. They expressed the daily concern of school teachers. This winter is very warm and they feel lucky because they are in such a safe place in China. In the end, the students and the teacher met to have a New Year's Eve dinner together to experience the strong Chinese New Year's Eve together.




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