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Beijing Huijia Vocational College is a full-time private general higher vocational college approved by the Beijing Municipal People's Government and filed by the Ministry of Education. It is supervised by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission and has the national unified enrollment qualifications in the National Higher Education Program.

Our hospital is located in Changping Park, Zhongguancun Science Park, Beijing, with Longfeng Mountain in the north, Jingmi Water Diversion Canal in the south, Beijing-Tibet Expressway in the west, and Baifuquan Wetland Park, the largest urban wetland park in Beijing, in the east. It is surrounded by mountains and rivers, with beautiful scenery and convenient transportation. The college covers an area of 367 acres, with a construction area of 84,200 square meters. The college has advanced multi-functional ladder classrooms, language rooms, libraries, high-standard computer classrooms, practical training rooms and studios that are compatible with various majors, high-standard track and field stadiums, football fields, basketball courts, and golf training fields. , Air film ice hockey hall, air film natatorium, equestrian training ground, large gymnasium, restaurant, infirmary, supermarket and cinema, and other comprehensive education, teaching and life service facilities. The college has successively won the "National Advanced Non-governmental Organization", "Beijing Vocational Education Advanced Unit", the only "good" performance unit in Beijing's private colleges and universities in the evaluation of higher vocational education by the Ministry of Education, "Beijing Demonstrative Higher Vocational College", "Beijing 5A Social Organization" and other honorary titles; in January 2019, our institute was selected as one of the first batch of characteristic high-level backbone professional construction units in Beijing; in June of the same year, it was selected as a national backbone professional of the Ministry of Education.

Our school adheres to the school-running philosophy of "new, high-grade, and international" and the school-running purpose of "survive by quality, development by characteristics, and future by integrity". There are teachers college, artificial intelligence engineer college, leisure sports department, cultural creativity department, economic management department, general education center, international exchange center; two colleges, three departments and two centers highlight the characteristics of professional and international talent training, and are committed to Cultivate high-quality specialized technical personnel with professional ability and craftsmanship for the development of new economy, new business and new technology.

The seven professional directions of preschool education of the Teachers College cover the main job positions of kindergartens. Among them, the orientation of international bilingual education is to train children's bilingual teachers with international education concepts, good professional qualities, and the ability of bilingual teaching in international kindergartens. The early education major trains high-quality early education institution skilled talents who can engage in infant care, education, and administrative management.

The four characteristic majors of the College of Artificial Intelligence Engineers in artificial intelligence technology application, software technology, Internet of Things application technology, and urban rail transit communication signal technology are the school-enterprise cooperation majors set up for the new generation of information technology industry in the future. Professional training, solving student employment in the form of enterprise orders, and real school-enterprise in-depth integration of majors.

The Department of Leisure Sports is the first higher vocational college in China to set up multiple professional directions for youth sports education and management. The college offers three majors: golf sports and management, ice and snow facility operation and management, and sports operation and management. The seven professional directions of football youth education and management, equestrian youth education and management, football youth education and management, tennis youth education and management, sports dance, ice sports technology and management, and Wanlong Snow Field Order Class Cooperation with well-known domestic and international professional institutions, school-enterprise integration, and targeted training, cultivate high-quality leisure sports service and management talents for China's sports industry.

The artistic design of the Department of Cultural Creativity is positioned to train specialized technical talents who can adapt to the application of high-precision technology in modern manufacturing.

The flight attendant, international business, human resource management, smart health care service and management, and health management of the Department of Economic Management are specialized specialties tailored to meet the needs of talents in the booming emerging service industry.

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