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Accommodation Service


On-campus accommodation

In order to facilitate the study and life of international students, Heilongjiang University has set up dormitories for international students in Zone A and Zone C on campus, and implements apartment management. The apartments are all double standard rooms, equipped with separate bathrooms, smart TV, network interface, telephone, hot water (24 hours supply), air conditioning, and provide cleaning and bedding changing services. Network cards can be purchased at the service desk on the first floor of the apartment. The office and classes of the International Culture and Education College are located in Area A. It takes 2 minutes to walk to the International Student Apartment in Area A, and 15 minutes to walk to the International Student Apartment in Area C.


For specific check-in procedures, you can directly contact the general service desk of the International Students Dormitory. The telephone number of the International Students Dormitory in Area A: 86-451-86608733; the telephone number of the International Students Dormitory in Area C: 86-451-88077066.


For students who come to Harbin for the first time, living in an international student apartment on campus is a good choice, because after arriving in Harbin in a hurry, it is not easy to find a suitable house to rent quickly, not to mention You may also need to buy furniture, decorate your house, and so on.


Students who wish to live in the school's international student dormitory must book a room in advance. The room rate can be paid by remittance in advance or at the time of check-in. The room fee should be paid at least for one semester at a time. The International Student Dormitory in Area C accepts RMB cash and bank card payments. Students living in Area A need to pay in the finance room on the 3rd floor of Building 3, Area A. The finance room also accepts RMB cash and bank cards.


According to regulations, the international student dormitory can only provide accommodation for foreign students registered on campus, and cannot provide accommodation for the relatives and friends of international students or anyone else. International students living in an apartment should also abide by the management regulations of the apartment, such as not using open flames in the room, including candles, and not staying in the room for others. The management of the dormitory for foreign students is carried out in accordance with the "Administrative Measures for the Residence of Foreign Students in Heilongjiang University (Trial)"


Off-campus accommodation

If you have relatives in Harbin or your Chinese level can handle all kinds of problems in life independently, you can apply to live off-campus. It should be noted that according to the "Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Administration of the Entry and Exit of Foreigners", all foreign students living off-campus must register for accommodation at the local police station within 24 hours of arrival. The place of registration is the police station or other authorized unit in the jurisdiction where the residence is located. You need to bring your passport and your landlord to complete the registration.


The temporary accommodation registration form is another very important document besides the visa. Please keep it together with your passport. Temporary accommodation registration forms are required when applying for visas, applying for visa extensions, endorsements, and residence permits. Students are also required to have a "Registration Form for Temporary Residence" for enrollment procedures.


Therefore, a special reminder is that before you sign the rental contract and pay the rent, you must confirm that the owner of the house you want to rent can register your accommodation for you, otherwise you are likely to stay illegally have trouble with it.


If you change your accommodation address, or change your passport or renew your visa or residence permit, you will need to re-register for temporary accommodation. In the foreign student apartment on campus, the service desk will automatically help you register or update, but if you live off-campus, you can only go through these procedures yourself.


It should be noted that if you want to live off-campus, you need to get the approval of the International Students Office and get the Approval Form for Off-campus Accommodation in the International Students Office before you can go through the off-campus accommodation procedures.


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