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Short-term Chinese Language Training Program


Project Name

Short-term Chinese Language Training Project


Length of schooling

1-4 weeks


Course introduction: According to the students' Chinese level, it is divided into four levels: introductory, elementary, intermediate, and advanced. According to the characteristics of different levels of Chinese learning, courses are set up, with 20 hours of lessons per week (50 minutes per hour). At the same time, cultural experience lectures will be offered, such as Tai Chi, Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, Learning to Sing Chinese Songs, Chinese Zhengyin, Overview of China, etc. With small class teaching, students have more opportunities to participate in classroom exercises and exchanges, and experience Chinese culture. Foreigners who have a basic knowledge of Chinese or have a certain basic knowledge of Chinese can apply.


Entry Requirements

1. The final academic certificate or certificate of enrollment (Chinese or English);

2. A copy of the first page of the passport;

3. The registration fee is RMB 260;


Training requirements

Introductory class: master less than 300 daily Chinese words.

Elementary class: Master 300-800 common Chinese words, and be able to carry out basic daily conversations.

Intermediate class: Master 800-2000 common Chinese words, be able to communicate fluently, understand newspapers and magazines, and write medium and long articles.

Advanced class: master more than 2,000 commonly used Chinese words, can communicate without barriers, can read newspapers and magazines, listen to film and television dramas, and can write long articles or essays in Chinese.

Main courses: language courses mainly include comprehensive Chinese, Chinese conversation, Chinese orthophony, etc. Cultural experience lectures mainly include China Overview, Tai Chi, Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, and learning to sing Chinese songs.

Graduation certificate: Heilongjiang University International Culture and Education College Chinese Language Training Completion Certificate

Tuition fee: RMB 1500 per person for the first week, RMB 400 per person per week from the second week, and a total of RMB 2700 per person for four weeks

Room cost: Area A: 41 yuan/person/day; Area C: 60 yuan/person/day (the price is calculated based on two persons per room, double the private room rate)

Start time: Summer vacation Chinese language training short-term program July-August; Winter vacation Chinese language training short-term program January-February

Application deadline: apply for summer vacation short-term program, the deadline is July 10; apply for winter vacation short-term admission, the deadline is January 10

Contact: Heilongjiang University International Cultural Education International Student Admissions Office

Phone: 0451-86609033

Email: studyathlju@hotmail.com


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