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International Education held a seminar at Swansea University


In order to accelerate the international development strategy of our school, expand the international vision of our students, and provide students with more opportunities to study abroad, the School of International Culture and Education specially invited Chen Jian, the head of study abroad at Swansea University in the United Kingdom, to come to our school to study abroad. Preach. At 10 o'clock in the morning on December 4, 2020, students of our school related majors participated in the presentation in the multifunctional hall on the second floor of Building 3 of the Foreign Affairs Office.


At the beginning of the lecture, Mr. Chen gave a detailed introduction to Swansea University's historical origin, geographical location, college settings, and school facilities, so that the students had a better understanding of Swansea University. Then, Mr. Chen focused on the current dominant position of Swansea University in the international university rankings and the development momentum of rising rankings in recent years, which won the students' high recognition of Swansea University's international reputation and teaching quality. Then, Mr. Chen explained the "N+2 Undergraduate Joint Training Program", "3+1+1 Undergraduate Joint Training Program" and "Swansea University One-Year Visiting Program", and shared with the students the joint training program of the two universities. The current study status and gains of the trainees at Swansea University, the students present have learned a lot.




In the final Q&A session, the students actively interacted with the teachers and asked related questions about the study abroad program. Teacher Chen answered patiently one by one and encouraged everyone to actively apply.




The successful holding of this event gave Black University students a deeper understanding of Swansea University's study abroad program, provided valuable experience for students who intend to apply for study abroad, and made Black University students have a better understanding of their future path. The direction of development has a clear understanding and perception. 


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