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Russian students won Excellent International Students


Recently, the Ministry of Education announced the election results of the 2020 "Outstanding Chinese Government Students Studying in China". The Russian doctoral student BORTYUK PETR (Chinese name: Baljuk Peter) from the School of Government and Management of our school was selected.


"Outstanding Chinese Government Students Studying in China" is set by the Ministry of Education to study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, implement the requirements of the National Education Conference, and expand the radiation and influence of Chinese government scholarships. The highest honor for international students.


The selection of outstanding foreign students in China by the Chinese government is recommended by universities and the Ministry of Education organizes experts to review the academic status, scientific research ability and performance of the recommender, and finally determine the list of winners. In 2020, the honor will provide 200 open places for Chinese government scholarship students from universities across the country. Our school’s Baljuk Pitt has won the honor for his outstanding scientific research achievements and daily performance.


In 2020, our school has 643 international students from more than 30 countries including South Korea, Russia, Thailand and Pakistan participating in online or offline learning. A total of 13 colleges and departments have participated in the training of international students. In the process of education and teaching, our school has taken multiple measures to continuously strengthen the quality of international students in China, focus on improving the level of international schooling, pay attention to the leading and exemplary role of the Chinese government's outstanding international student scholarships in China, and actively build the "study abroad" brand , Has made a positive contribution to cultivating more high-level international talents from Zhihua Youhua and serving the country’s "One Belt One Road" strategy.

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