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International Students Launches Teacher-Student Salon


In order to strengthen exchanges, create a new type of teacher-student relationship, and solve everyone's difficulties in study and life, and create a harmonious and good learning and living atmosphere, the International Students Office will hold the line in Room 3109, Building 3, International College from 1:30-2:30 pm on April 14th. Under the teacher-student salon interaction. This salon invited Deng Hongjian, deputy dean of the International Culture and Education College, to attend the event and give a speech. The event was presided over by Xiao Bo, Director of the Office of Retention, and all teachers and some students from the International Student Office of our school participated.


At the beginning of the salon, Ms. Deng Hongjian, the deputy dean of the School of International Culture and Education, addressed all the international students.


Afterward, Mr. Xiao Bo, director of the International Students Office, expressed cordial greetings to the students.


Next, the communication between teachers and classmates was mainly conducted in the form of tea parties and exchange salons. The teachers in the office prepared hot drinks and snacks for the international students, and the students also prepared special snacks of their own countries and invited everyone to Taste them together.


This salon event promoted everyone's exchanges and was welcomed by international students and classmates at school. This semester teacher-student salon will be held once a month, and students studying abroad and relevant international student teachers are welcome to participate.


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