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Chinese Government Scholarship Annual Review Meeting



According to the relevant work requirements of the China Scholarship Council, in order to further promote the management of Chinese government scholarship international students, strengthen the training and assessment of Chinese government scholarship international students, March 26 , 2021/2022 academic year Chinese government scholarship annual review work coordination It will be held in Conference Room 306 of the International Education Institute.



The annual review of the Chinese Government Scholarship is to conduct a comprehensive evaluation once a year for the international students who have enjoyed the Chinese Government Scholarship to study in China. The evaluation determines whether they are eligible to continue to enjoy or resume the Chinese Government Scholarship. New changes have been made to the rules for the annual review of the Chinese Government Scholarship this year, with the addition of review content and quantitative evaluation indicators. The School of International Education attaches great importance to the annual review of Chinese government scholarships, and invites the leaders and related staff of the Graduate School and the First Clinical Medical School to attend the meeting.



At the meeting, Yao Suyuan, Dean of the School of International Education, gave a detailed interpretation of the review requirements in accordance with the notice issued by the China Scholarship Council. Last year, during the 2020-2021 academic year Chinese Government Scholarship annual review and spot check, our school's annual review work achieved a qualified conclusion. This year, the China Scholarship Council will continue to conduct random checks on the school's annual review work, and the results of the relevant random checks will be reported as the basis for the evaluation of the quality of the management work of the scholarship institutions. Afterwards, everyone conducted a serious study and full discussion on the review work plan, and each department put forward feasibility suggestions corresponding to their own review work indicators. Each department will strictly follow the review work time node and formulate quantitative assessment rules based on the actual situation of the review content. During the special period of the epidemic, when international students do not return to school, the annual review will be conducted in an online point-to-point manner, adhere to the principles of strictness, standardization, openness, fairness, and fairness, and advance the annual review work in an orderly manner.



The meeting also discussed the problems existing in the management and training of international students in our school, and put forward appropriate solutions. It aims to strengthen management, improve quality and efficiency, and continuously improve the quality of training for international students in our school.




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