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Online winter camp opens in 2021!


At 3 pm on January 21, Beijing time, the opening ceremony of the "Hunan" Online Winter Camp hosted by Hunan University and hosted by the Chinese-foreign Language Cooperation and Exchange Center of the Ministry of Education and Hunan University was successfully held. Luo Zongyu, Dean of the School of Chinese Language and Literature, Hunan University; Zhao Yahui, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Design and Art; Li Zhenglin, Korean Dean of the Confucius Institute at Hunan University, South Korea; Zuo Quanwen, Chinese Dean; Jeon Sen-sik, President of Gochang North High School, South Korea; Jung Jong-suk, Supervisor, and both China and South Korea All participants and more than a hundred campers gathered in the cloud through the Chinese Alliance platform to open a new chapter. The opening ceremony was presided over by Yang Bin, deputy director of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office of Hunan University.





Yang Bin first extended a warm welcome to the campers and also expressed his sincere gratitude for the support of the Sino-foreign Language Exchange and Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Education. From the perspective of Confucius Institutes and international cooperation and exchanges, he emphasized the significance of the Chinese Bridge Program in strengthening international cooperation and exchanges and realizing the functions of Confucius Institutes. He pointed out that the online "Chinese Bridge" program opened up for the promotion of Chinese as a foreign language and international exchanges in the post-epidemic era. New ideas.


Li Zhenglin, Dean of the Confucius Institute at Hunan University in South Korea, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Chinese Language Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Education of China and Hunan University of China, and fully affirmed the "Chinese Bridge" online winter camp project. He also emphasized that this event is important for South Korea. Student learning is of great significance.




From the perspective of Chinese language learning, Luo Zongyu, the dean of the Chinese Academy of Language and Literature, pointed out the importance of the Chinese Bridge Project for letting the world understand China and multiculturalism. He hopes that campers from all over the world feel the unparalleled charm of Chinese culture while learning a language, make full use of this online platform for language learning and cultural exchanges, and transform their interest and needs in language learning into motivation and thinking for cultural understanding. The sparks of the collision.






From the perspective of Chinese culture, Peng Jianguo, the deputy dean of the Chinese Academy of Language and Literature, talked about the methods and methods of cultural communication and discussed how to optimize the effect of Chinese cultural international communication to achieve the long-term development of Chinese cultural communication. At the same time, he also pointed out that the current work of dissemination of Chinese culture should vary from person to person and local conditions to improve the effectiveness of Chinese culture dissemination.




Hu Kefei of the School of Chinese Language and Literature explained the modernity, practicality, and life of the language courses of this project from the perspective of Chinese language courses in the form of Chinese and Korean bilinguals. Campers can not only harvest daily communication language and modern popular culture that keeps pace with the times but also experience the diverse and three-dimensional local culture.




Zhao Yahui, secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Design and Art, reviewed the close exchanges between China and South Korea in the design world, and also proposed the desire to strengthen cooperation between the two sides in the field of design and art in the future. He welcomed the campers and invited everyone to have the opportunity to exchange and study in China in the future.




Park Naxian, a camper representative from South Korea, said: She likes Chinese and Chinese culture very much. She will cherish this opportunity, study hard, improve her Chinese level, deepen her understanding of Chinese culture, enhance her understanding of different cultures, and strive to become an Envoy of cultural exchanges between China and South Korea.




Afterward, Deputy Director Zhou Jian of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office introduced the basic situation of the winter camp, such as the time, format, and course arrangements. He said: Although the winter camp has changed from offline to online, the communication method of Chinese Bridge has changed, but our original intention to introduce China's excellent culture and do a good job in Chinese teaching has not changed.




This online international winter camp is based on the concept of multi-dimensional interaction, two-way communication, and win-win cooperation. It uses a combination of real-time teaching + video courses, and a combination of language courses + cultural courses + cultural lectures, and uses the Chinese Alliance to broadcast live Online resources such as the course platform, "Chinese Bridge" official website, and "Chinese Bridge" club App platform provides campers with a diversified learning experience.

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