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"Wulin Han Yun" blasts Regina


The "Wulin Hanyun" characteristic cultural tour project is a characteristic project of the Shaolin Wushu Base for the international promotion of Chinese. A performance troupe composed of teachers and students from Songshan Shaolin Wushu Vocational College, Zhengzhou University, Henan University, and Henan Normal University, integrating martial arts, folk music, and dance, went to four provinces from September 27 to October 10, local time Five cities, with the assistance of Vancouver Coquitlam, Edmonton, the University of Saskatchewan, the University of Regina and the five Confucius Institutes in Quebec, started a two-week Canadian tour to show the local people the Shaolin martial arts Its unique charm perfectly explains the profound foundation of Chinese Kung Fu culture.


After all the boats and cars and intensive performances and exchanges, the performance troupe arrived at Regina, the fourth stop of the entire tour. On October 4th, the performance group conducted two interactive activities with approximately 200 teachers and students from the local Prairie Sky Primary School and the University of Regina. The arrival of the performance group aroused cheers from the teachers and students. The members of the group jumped or jumped, or whirled or kicked, sometimes somersaulted, sometimes hugged and rolled. The audience all geared up and eager to try. The entire exchange and interactive activities continued to cheer and laugh, and the atmosphere was warm





The performance on October 6 kicked off in the "Shaolin Feelings" that swallowed the mountains and rivers, with the flowing clouds and water, the profound and subtle Zen fist, the fierce offensive and powerful sword dance, the unrestrained and immortal swordsmanship, invincible and dazzling Eighteen weapons, interspersed with the melodious bamboo flute, the erhu of the golden iron horse, the sonorous pipa and the moving guzheng, combined with lively and lovely kung fu animal performances, the whole performance is based on literature and martial arts, Taking dance as the medium and music as the medium, it combines recitation, martial arts, dance and folk music to convey the beauty of Chinese, show the strength of martial arts, convey the charm of folk music, and show the charm of dance. It is extremely interesting, enjoyable, and enjoyable. The plot is enthusiastically sought after by the audience.




Kathy McNutt, the vice president of the University of Regina, congratulated the successful performance of the performance on behalf of the university. The Canadian terrestrial television network conducted a special report on the performance. About 500 local people shared the event. The audio-visual feast of language and culture gave me a close experience of the mysterious charm of Chinese Kung Fu and the profoundness of Chinese culture.






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