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Online winter camp 2021 held by HNU ends successfully


The Four Seas Are Adjacent to Yuelu, Chinese Bridge Connects the Five Continents-Hunan University "Xiang" See Hunan Chinese Bridge Online Winter Camp in 2021 successfully concludes


Beijing time at 15 o'clock on March 26, organized by the Ministry of Education and Foreign Language Cooperation and Exchange Center, Hunan University hosted "Xiang" see Hunan --2021 Hunan University "Chinese Bridge" Winter Camp online camped ceremony held smoothly. Peng Jianguo, Vice Dean of the School of Chinese Language and Literature, Hu Kefei, Assistant Professor, Hunan University, Zhou Jian, Deputy Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office of Hunan University, Li Zhenglin, Korean Dean of the Confucius Institute at Hunan University, and Zuo Quanwen, Chinese Dean, attended this event Special committee member Guo Chunli, teacher representatives and more than 100 campers. The closing ceremony was presided over by Zhou Jian.  






On behalf of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office of Hunan University, Zhou Jian first congratulated all campers who successfully completed their studies. Then, starting from the networked and intelligent education in the epidemic era, he summarized in detail the reference significance of this learning exchange project for future international exchange work. He emphasized that the International Cooperation and Exchange Office of Hunan University will use this "Chinese Bridge" online learning exchange group project as an entry point to actively explore new ways of international education exchanges in the epidemic era.




Subsequently, Peng Jianguo, the deputy dean of the Chinese Academy of Language and Literature, pointed out from the perspective of cultural communication that the Huxiang culture is a jewel in the splendid Chinese civilization, and the Xiangxue spirit represented by Yuelu Academy is the most important aspect of the Millennium Huxiang culture. Good interpretation. How to use the "Internet + " model to optimize the spread and promotion of Huxiang culture and traditional Chinese culture is still a topic that needs urgent consideration in the epidemic era.




Li Zhenglin, Dean of the Confucius Institute at Hunan University in South Korea, fully affirmed the "Chinese Bridge" online winter camp project. He believes that the cultural experience courses and Chinese teaching courses in this project combine traditional Huxiang culture and the needs of the times, especially the interesting and informative courses such as "Yuelu Academy" and "My Bronze Observation Diary" are very popular in Korea. The love of students enables students to experience and deeply participate in the course practice online, to improve their cross-cultural communication skills in communication with teachers and students, and to appreciate the diverse charm of Star City Changsha.




Hu Kefei of the Chinese Academy of Language and Literature emphasized the importance of learning Chinese to students in the form of bilingualism in Chinese and Korean. She hopes that students can understand China in the new era, learn Chinese to adapt to the new era, and gain a broader space for development in the context of globalization.




Afterward, teacher representative Han Zhouhong shared with the students how to carry out the teaching practice with the theme of "Chinese + culture" using his own teaching experience as an example.




In the final presentation of the results, the students displayed their learning achievements in the form of videos, including the display of diverse works such as calligraphy, paper-cutting, wrapping flowers, and Wing Chun. Everyone said that they had gained a lot from the Chinese Bridge Winter Camp. The innovative teaching model and communication platform enable everyone to not only verify the learning results and obtain learning feedback through online communication, but also to experience the regional culture and development status of the land of Hunan without leaving home, and enhance their learning of Chinese as well as The enthusiasm and confidence of Chinese culture.





(Display of calligraphy works)



(Paper-cut works display)



(Chinese knot works exhibition)



(Display of works of wrapping flowers)


(Kung Fu video display)





( Participants' experience sharing)


This online Chinese learning project lasted nearly two months and attracted 398 students from ten countries including Vietnam, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Australia, and Spain. Although the epidemic has changed the way the project is carried out, international exchanges and cooperation will not disappear with the epidemic but will gain greater vitality in the process of overcoming challenges. Hunan University will also take this opportunity to further explore new ways of international exchanges, summarize international cooperation models that meet the needs of epidemic prevention and control, so as to establish a more complete and effective teaching system and work plan, and promote the diversified and high-quality development of international exchanges and cooperation.

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