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The Fifth International Young Scholars Yuelu Forum was held by HNU


On the morning of December 26, the Fifth International Young Scholars Yue Lu Forum opened at the National Supercomputing Center Changsha. President Duan Xianzhong attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Assistant President Chen Renpeng introduced the construction of the faculty and the policy of attracting talents, and Professor Wang Shuangyin from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering shared his experience of working and living in Hubei University. This forum adopts a live broadcast format, inviting more than 200 young scholars from home and abroad to participate.


In recent years, the school has attached great importance to the introduction and training of young talents, and has continued to promote the strategy of “strengthening the school with talents”. Do everything possible to introduce young talents, do everything possible to cultivate young talents, do everything possible to serve young talents, insist on paying close attention to every task of young talents, vigorously create a strong atmosphere of care and support for young teachers, and strive to build a high-level school of young talent teachers.


The International Young Scholars Yuelu Forum is an important way for the school to promote academic exchanges and internationalization of talent introduction. It aims to gather young talents from different disciplines at home and abroad, aiming at the future development trend of science and technology, and constructing scientific issues as the traction, interdisciplinary, and talent Convergence-driven frontier scientific exchange platform promotes young scholars to inspire each other, broaden their horizons, enhance international exchanges and cooperation, and further enhance the level of the school's young teachers and scientific research capabilities in high-tech fields.



Duan Xianzhong delivered a speech.



Chen Renpeng introduced the relevant situation.



Wang Shuangyin shared his experience.


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