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2019 International Student Recruitment Prospectus of Hunan University of Commerce


1. Introduction of the University

Hunan University of Commerce (HNUC) is a full-time provincial university with diverse disciplines covering economics, management, law, liberal arts, natural science, engineering, and arts, among which economics and management are its two pillar disciplines. It was awarded as an excellent university in the National Undergraduate Education Appraisal in 2006. In 2016, the university became one member of "Applied University of Integration of Production and Education Project in the National Thirteenth Five-year Plan”, one of the first batch of “Top 100 Model Universities of Deepening Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform", and the National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base of Practical Education. In 2017, three major disciplines of our university-- Theoretical Economics, Applied Economics and Business Administration—were recognized as the top 25 percent of the 2017 China Best Disciplines issued by Shanghai Soft-Science Company and occupied the same place of universities of Economics and Finance by Iresearch-China Alumni Association.
Located in the historically and culturally renowned city of Changsha, capital of Hunan Province, the university enjoys convenient communications and beautiful environments with picturesque Yuelu Mountain to the south and rippling Xiang River to the east. Established in 1949 encompasses 17 colleges and departments, 42 scientific research institutions. College of Beijin, one of the earliest independent colleges approved by National Ministry of Education, is attached to HNUC. Currently, over 20,000 students are enrolled on campus.


 2. Structure of Majors

(1) Three-year Academic and two-year professional Master degree’s Programs in Chinese:
Theoretical Economics:
Political Economic;
World Economics;
Population, Resources and Environmental Economics;
Internet Economy
Applied Economics:
Regional Economics;
Industrial Economics;
Quantitative Economics;
International Trade
Business Administration:
Enterprise Management;
Tourism Management;
Technological Economics & Management;
Media Industry Management;
Chinese Language and Literature;
Comparative literature;
Ancient and Modern literature;
Art and Design;
Design art;
Law and Public Management;
Government administration;


(2) Four-year Bachelor degree’s Programs:
1) Teaching in Chinese:
School of Economy & Trade:
International Economy & Trade;
Trade Economy;
International Business;


School of Business Administration:
Business Administration;
Logistics Management;
Human Resources;


School of Law:


School of Accounting:
Accounting (ACCA Direction);
Financial Management;


School of Art & Design:
Visual Communication & Design;
Environmental Design;
Cultural Industries Management;


School of Tourism Management:
Tourism management;
Hospitality Management;
Exhibition Economy and Management;


School of Mathematics & Statistics:
Mathematics & Applied Mathematics;
Economic Statistics;
Information & Computer Science


School of Foreign Studies:
Business English;

School of Literature & Journalism:
Chinese Language & Literature;
Editing & Publishing;
Secretarial Studies;


School of Computer & Information Engineering:
Computer Science & Technology;
Software Engineering;
Electronic Information Engineering;
Information Management & Information System;
Engineering Management;


School of Finance:
Finance (CFA Experimental);


School of Public Administration:
Administrative Management;
Public Utilities Management;
Social Work;
Municipal Management;


School of International Studies (Sino-foreign cooperative education):


2) Teaching in English:
Business Administration
International Economy &Trade


(3) Chinese Language:
One-year or half-year Chinese language learning


3. Enrolling Requirements


(1) Master degree’s Program
1. Valid Ordinary Passport
2. Foreigner Physical Examination Form (6 months within its validity)
3. Official Academic Credentials and School Transcript
4. Recommendation Letters by Two Professors or Associate Professors
5. Individual Learning Plan
6. Valid Certificate of Non-conviction Record (6 months within its validity)


(2) Bachelor degree’s Programs
1. Valid Ordinary Passport
2. Foreigner Physical Examination Form (6 months within its validity)
3. Educational Diploma of Senior High School
4. School Transcript
5. Valid Certificate of Non-conviction Record (6 months within its validity)


(3) Language Program
1. Valid Ordinary Passport
2. Foreigner Physical Examination Form (6 months within its validity)
3. Educational Diploma
4. Valid Certificate of Non-conviction Record (6 months within its validity)


(4) Language Requirement:
1. Students who apply for bachelor’s program taught in Chinese should provide HSK 4 Certificate and should obtain HSK 5 Certificate before graduation.
2. Students who apply for bachelor’s program taught in English should provide English proficiency certificate and should obtain HSK 4 Certificate before graduation.


4. Application


Application Time:
Language Program: April 1st ~ June 20th for autumn semester;
                                 November 1st ~ December 20th for spring semester.
Degree Program: April 1st ~ June 20th.


5. Tuition and Fees


(1) Teaching in Chinese:
1) Bachelor’s Program: Tuition RMB 12,000 /y.
2) Master’s Program: Tuition RMB 20,000 /y.
3) Language Program: Tuition RMB 11,000 /y.


(2) Teaching in English:
Bachelor’s Program: Tuition RMB 18,000 /y.


(3) Lodging Fee:
RMB 6,000 /y for a room (RMB 6,000 /y for one student, RMB3,000 /y for two and RMB 1,500 /y for four).
(4) Registration Fee:
 RMB 500.


6. Scholarship


(1) Campus scholarship:
Basic scholarship: utmost 50 % of the tuition fee will be granted according to students’ academic behavior.
Academic scholarship: top students.


(2) Government Scholarship
Provincial scholarship: 2 top students each year.
The Belt and Road scholarship for language student: 3 students each year.


7. Contact


Address: International Exchange and Cooperation Office, Hunan University of Commerce.
Yuelu Ave 569, Yuelu District, Changsha City, Hunan Province, P.R.China.
Zip code: 410205
Tel/ Fax: 0086-731-88689118

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