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Admission Brochure for Hunan University of Science and Technology (HNUST)


1. About HNUST

Hunan University of Science & Technology (HNUST), co-constructed by the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense and Peoples Government of Hunan Province, is a comprehensive and key provincial university with multidisciplines and distinctive characteristics. It is honored as an Outstanding College of the undergraduate teaching evaluation by the Ministry of Education; a college among the Excellent Engineer Training Program by the Ministry of Education. Furthermore, it is among the first Top 50 Universities for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and one of the Top 50 Universities for Graduates Employment.

HNUST, which evolves from Northern Hunan Construction College founded in 1949, is established on November, 2003 by merging two separate universities: Xiangtan Polytechnic University and Xiangtan Normal University. It has been accredited by the Ministry of Education and Peoples Government of Hunan Province. Located in Xiangtan, HNUST covers an area of 3,107 mu (207.2 hectares) with floor space amounting to 974,300 m².

As a complex of 19 schools, a graduate school, an independent college, a college for adult education and an international education college, HNUST offers 94 undergraduate programs in eleven genres of disciplinesphilosophy, economics, law, education, history, science, engineering, agriculture, management, literature and arts, 188 graduate programs, and 23 doctoral programs.

HNUST has a teaching faculty of around 1,600 out of over 2,587 employees, 324 of whom are full professors and 1001 are doctorate holders. As of now, HNUST enjoys a nationwide enrollment of over 35,000 full-time students, along with a burgeoning community of international students.



2. Disciplines & Majors

                                                                 Bachelors Program



Mining Engineering

Civil Engineering


Safety Engineering

Water Supply and Drainage Engineering


Exploration Technology and Engineering

Engineering Mechanics

Resource Prospecting Engineering

Engineering Management


Geographical Science


Building Environment &Energy Application Engineering

Geographic Information Science

Electrical Engineering and Automation

Physical Geography &Resources Environment



Surveying and Mapping Engineering

Electronic and Information Engineering


Mechanical Design Manufacture& Automation

Communication Engineering

Detecting& Control Technology and Instrument

Computer Science and Technology

Vehicle Engineering

Network Engineering


Mechatronic Engineering

Information Security

Industrial Engineering

Internet of Things Engineering


Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering

Robotics Engineering



Software Engineering

Applied Chemistry


Mathematics and Applied Mathematics


Chemical Engineering and Technology


Information and Computing Science

Environmental Engineering

Applied Statistics

Pharmaceutical Engineering



Energy Chemical Engineering

Electronic Information Science and Technology



Education of Applied Electronic Technology




Optoelectronic Information Science and Technology

Biological Engineering

Chinese Language and Literature


Data science and big data technology

Urban Planning




Industrial Design




Landscape Architecture




Visual Communication Design




Environmental Design


Education in Ideological and Politics

Product Design




Education Technology

Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

Applied Psychology



Primary Education

Translation and Interpreting

Fine Arts




International Economics and Trade





Financial Management

Dance Performance

Business Management

Physical Education




Social Sports Instruction and Management

Financial Engineering


Tourism Management

Public Utilities Management

Human Resources Management

Material Forming and Control Engineering

Electronic Commerce

Metallic Materials Engineering

Materials Chemistry


Inorganic Non-metal Materials Engineering


Length: 5 years for Architecture and Urban Planning; 4 years for the other majors.






























































                                                 Masters Program






Chinese Language and Literature


Foreign Language and Literature




Instrument Science and Technology

Materials Science and Engineering

Control Science and Engineering

Computer Science and Technology

Civil Engineering

Surveying and Mapping Engineering

Geological Resources &Geological Engineering

Software Engineering

Safety Science and Engineering

Business Administration


Applied Economics

Fine Arts

Theater and Film & Television Art

History of Particular Subjects

Theory of Sports Pedagogy and Training

Engineering Mechanics

Modern &Contemporary Chinese History

Applied Chemistry

Chemical Technology

Mining Engineering

Mechanical Engineering


Master of Law

Master of Finance

Master of Education

Master of Physical Education

Master of Interpreting and Translation

Master of Engineering

Master of Accounting

Master of Arts


Length: 3 years.


                                                                   Doctoral Program


Mining Engineering


Software Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Applied Economics

Length: 4 years.




3. Campus Life

HNUST attaches importance to international academic exchange and cooperation. Up till now,

the university has cooperated with over 40 universities including USA, UK, Australia, Japan, and over 10 universities in Taiwan. International students enrolled are from 24 different countries. Until the end of 2019, the number of international students in HNUST is 179. Over the past three years, HNUST has recruited the high-end foreign experts for 6 patches and maintained over 10 foreign teachers constantly.



4. Fees & Scholarship

Fees for 1-Year Chinese Language Course


CNY 17,000 / year (Free tuition)


Double Room CNY 500 /Month; Single Room CNY 1,000 /Month

(Free for students from One Belt One Road Countries )


CNY 400


About CNY 800 /Year (adjust depending on the actual books used)


CNY 20 /Month


About CNY 0.59 / kilowatt hour (>5 kw-hr /month each room)


CNY 800 /Year

Other fees

Medical Examination: CNY 160~500

160~500 CNY

Residence Permit: CNY 400 /Year

400 CNY/Year

Fees for Bachelor/ Master/ Doctoral Program


Bachelors program (Liberal Arts): CNY 15,000 /Year

Bachelors program (Science and Engineering): CNY 17,000 /Year

Masters program (Liberal Arts): CNY 20,000 /Year

Masters program (Science and Engineering): CNY 22,000 /Year

Doctoral program (Liberal Arts): CNY 24,000 /Year

Doctoral program (Science and Engineering): CNY 26,000 /Year

(Free tuition for prescribed schooling years)


Double Room CNY 500 /Month; Single Room CNY 1,000 /Month


CNY 400


About CNY 800 /Year(adjust depending on the actual books used)


CNY 20 /Month


About CNY 0.59 / kilowatt hour (>5 kw-hr /month each room)


CNY 800 /Year

Other fees

Medical Examination: CNY 160~500

Residence Permit: CNY 400 /Year

Note: HNUST International Education College reserves the right of interpretation of these fees.

Excellent International Students Scholarship





15000~30000Yuan /Year


Note: Excellent students can apply for Scholarship Program


5. Documents Required:

1. Digital Photo(requirement: color 2-inch certificate photo with no border on white background, head accounting for 2 / 3 of photo size, photo size not less than 320 * 240 pixels, height width ratio of 4:3, size of 100-500kb, JPG format)

  1. Copy of passport

3. The Information Form of Family Members

4. Foreigner Physical Examination Form (within 6-month validity period)

5. Official Transcript and diploma with certified English Translation

6. Non-Criminal Activity Certificate (within 6-month validity period)

7Copy of HSK 4 certificate above 180 or HSK5/6 (for degree study)

8. Two Letters of Recommendation from professors or associate professors (for Masters Program/Ph.D. program)

9. Research proposal more than 400 words (for Masters Program/PhD. program)

Note: 1.Applicants with Economics or Management foundation and have studied Higher Mathematics before are preferred for applying master programs in the Business School.

2.Applicants with Economics or Management foundation and have studied Calculus, Linear Algebra, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics before are preferred for applying /PhD programs in the Business School.



6. Application and Admission Procedures

Download the Foreigner Physical Examination Form and The Information Form of Family Members from the website, or contact the Office of International Student Affairs of International Education College at HNUST for such documents (in duplicate, including one photocopy).

Fill in the The Information Form of Family Members and do physical examination at the local public hospital as requested. The medical examinations must cover all the items listed in the Physical Examination Record for Foreigner. Incomplete records or those without the signature of the attending physician, the official stamp of the hospital or a sealed photograph of the applicants are invalid. The medical examination results will be valid for 6 months.

Please prepare and scan all the application documents requested, and apply online in the application system, the website of application system:

 Hunan University of Science & Technology organizes expert panel to review application documents and make the final selection.

 A video interview or face-to-face interview will be held by International Education College for applicants whose documents are approved.

 Admission result will be sent by email in the application system.

 Admission Notice and Visa Application Form (Jw202) will be posted to applicants as soon as they are ready.

 All master and PhD applicants must take an interview organized by corresponding colleges before officially enter into school. Those who failed in the interview will not be admitted.

Note: The application documents will NOT be returned regardless of the result of application.



7. Accommodation Information

 Single-bed room at Residence HallCNY1000/Month

Double-bed room at Residence Hall (shared by two)CNY500/Month/Person.

The Residence Hall is a separate 6-storied building, which can hold 280 international students. The building is equipped with entrance guard system and monitoring system. There is a public kitchen, dining hall and laundry place on each floor, equipped with public refrigerator, washing machine, Electromagnetic furnace and dining tables and chairs.

Each room is provided with a bedroom, an independent living balcony, an independent washroom, two individual beds, two wardrobes, two bed stands, air-conditioner, and hot water meter.


8. Application

Eligibility: Applicants must be high school graduates or above, aging 18-35 years old,

in good health.

How to apply: Please prepare and scan all the documents requested, and apply online in the application system, the website of application system:


9. Contact Us

E-mail: (Only for application consulting)

Application system website:

Tel: +86 731 58291916 +86 731 58291917

Address: International Education College, Hunan University of Science and Technology

NO. 1 Taoyuan Road, Xiangtan City, Hunan Province, P. R. China, 411201

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