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International Education Institute organizes international students to carry out Chinese cultural experience activities


In order to spread China’s excellent traditional culture and allow international students to appreciate the charm of China’s diverse cultures, on November 21, the International Education Institute organized international students to go to the ancient town of Tongguanyao to carry out Chinese cultural experience activities.


Although it was drizzling and the temperature was slightly cool, it did not affect the excitement of the international students in the slightest. Walking into the ancient town of Tongguan kilns, the Tang-style buildings are a sight to see, row upon row of tiles, slightly raised cornices, carved beams and painted ridges, both majestic and solemn, but also simple and elegant, amazed by the international students.


Upon entering the park, the international students first came to Hunan’s first world-class 5D cinema to watch "Magic Glaze·Legend". There are Asia’s largest holographic images, projection screens, 360° circular dome screens, special effects dynamic seat simulation scenes, and all-round sensory special effects such as lightning and thunder, wind, frost, rain and snow, and explosion impact created by the world-class special effects team. The overseas students were immersed in the high-tech simulation scene, and together with the protagonist, they went through hardships to find magic glaze and light up the bronze official kiln. This is an opportunity for international students to experience the close integration of Chinese culture and high technology. The international students experienced a unique visual experience.


In the Robot Museum, international students are excited to interact with robots, marvel at the rapid development of China's science and technology, understand the development process of artificial intelligence, research and development technology, model specimens, intelligent interaction and science and technology education, and look forward to the world's cutting-edge robotics technology. In the Huagu Opera Building, the classic Hunan Huagu Opera Repertoire-Liu Hai Chuiqiao is being staged. The exquisitely carved eaves of the theater building, the bright costumes of the actors on the stage, the lively and lively tunes, and the smooth and lively melody all deeply attracted the attentive foreign students under the stage. Although the dialect is a bit difficult to understand, the teachers The foreign students suddenly realized that they understood the love story told in this classic scene.




In the old street of Tongguanyao, the international students came to a pottery experience hall to learn about the history of traditional Chinese pottery and pottery craftsmanship, which stimulated a strong interest in traditional Chinese culture and felt the wisdom of the working people in ancient China. Later, under the guidance of the pottery teacher, he learned the basic techniques of traditional pottery, experienced different ceramic making techniques such as mud sticks and blanking, and completed his own pottery works. The small mass of mud, under the hands of the foreign students, has undergone various steps such as kneading, rubbing, pressing, and pinching, and transformed into flower baskets, tea cups, rice bowls, and even building models. The magical traditional technique of pottery brings freshness and sense of accomplishment to overseas students, allowing them to truly experience the traditional charm of a copper official kiln, the birthplace of underglaze ceramics in the world with a history of thousands of years.




The day's itinerary ended successfully. The international students were still full of ideas. Not only did they gain a lot of knowledge of Chinese traditional culture and Huxiang culture, but also really felt the charm of Chinese civilization and Huxiang culture. They all expressed their gratitude to the school and college for their care and love for international students, and they felt very happy as HKUST students. Li Shu, an international student, expressed his gratitude to the school for providing this precious opportunity, allowing them to experience Chinese culture, appreciate Chinese pottery traditions, watch 5D movies, make pottery products by hand, and leave wonderful photos and beautiful memories. 



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