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Campus services


1. Accommodation

In order to facilitate the study and life of international students, there are dormitories for international students on campus.

1 ) The international student dormitory implements 24- hour duty service. A dedicated person is responsible for cleaning public places and hygiene.

2 ) International students must go to the newly-built police station or the International Students Section of the Foreign Affairs Office to fill in the "Registration Form for Foreign Residents" within 24 hours of arriving at the school, otherwise, they will be punished in accordance with relevant regulations.

3 ) International students staying in the apartment must promise to comply with the apartment management regulations. When changing rooms, the consent of the apartment management department should be obtained. In principle, students are not allowed to live off campus. If you need to live off-campus in exceptional circumstances, you must obtain the approval of the school before you can change your residence permit.

4 ) International students should strictly abide by the regulations on the management of international student apartments.

5 ) If you find an accident or suspicious person, please call for help in time:

Apartment on-duty telephone: 82519611 ( 30 foreign student apartments) 82589148 ( 34 apartments)

Security Office Tel: 82519999, 82519515


2. Dining

1)    In order to facilitate the life of international students, there are two student cafeterias on campus. Muslim students have a dedicated Muslim restaurant.

2)    The dining card is used for dining in the on-campus canteen, and international students can go to the apartment management office to complete the relevant procedures.

3)   If the dining card is lost, please go to the apartment management office to report the loss in time. When international students leave school, they can go to the apartment management office to go through the card refund procedures.


3. Network

The international student dormitory is equipped with a broadband network interface. Students can configure their own computers and go to the campus communication service center to complete the network activation procedures with their student cards.


4. Library

The Harbin Engineering University Library is a professional library that focuses on science and engineering books, highlights the characteristics of shipping and sea, and takes into account humanities and social sciences.


Opening hours of the Harbin Engineering University Library (the opening hours will be notified during winter and summer vacations)

service department

Monday to Saturday



8:00 - 11:30


8:00 - 11:30

14: 0017: 00

Book return office

8:00 - 11:30


8:00 - 11:30

14: 0017: 00

Certificate Office and School Leaving Procedures Office

8:00 - 11:30

14: 0017: 30

( Monday to Friday)

Not open

Student Reading Room

7:00 - 22:00


Reading library

800 ―― 2200

800 ―― 1700


Note: For more information, please refer to the library website: http://lib.hrbeu.edu.cn/new2004/en0/01.htm


5. Address of relevant service department


service department

Specific location

operating hours



Bank of China

New gymnasium 1st floor

8: 30-17: 30

Student Supermarket

College students’ food court on the right

9: 00-21: 30

School hospital

Enter the first intersection on the right from the north gate of the school

8: 00-17: 30 ( Monday to Friday)

Campus Communication Service Center

On the corner opposite to Bank of China on campus

8: 00-17: 30

Postal Service Center

On the left side of the 1st floor of Building 11

8: 00-17: 30 ( Monday to Friday)

Top up dining card

College Student Food Court on the second floor

The fourth floor of the University Food City



Utility bill payment office

Side of Nine Apartment





Heilongjiang Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau

No. 9 Ganshui Road, Harbin Development Zone

( Monday to Friday)

Heilongjiang Province Entry-Exit Administration

No. 6 , Jingwei Toudao Street, Harbin

( Monday to Friday morning)

Bank of China Heilongjiang Branch

19 Hongjun Street, Nangang District

8: 30-17: 30


Take the 104 bus and get off at Taipingqiao Station

8: 3022: 00


6. Frequently used telephone:

Fire alarm: 119

Police call : 110

Emergency Center : 120

Campus Enquiry Counter : 82519222, 82589114

Engineering University Ticketing Center: 82533524 (train ticket)

Airline booking: 84231199 , 53670081

Military Purified Water Delivery Phone: 82519971

Emergency telephone number of school hospital: 82519666

Airport Information Office : 82894219


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