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Chinese Government Marine Scholarship


The ocean accounts for 71% of the earth's surface area and plays an important role in tackling climate change and supporting the global economy, trade and livelihoods. The sustainable development of the ocean is directly related to the future development and prosperity of coastal countries. Through international cooperation and exchanges, it is an inevitable trend in the development of the international situation to deepen our understanding of the ocean, promote the sustainable development of the ocean, and promote the prosperity of the regional economy. To this end, the State Oceanic Administration of China and the Ministry of Education jointly established the Chinese Government Marine Scholarship (hereinafter referred to as the scholarship), which aims to provide outstanding young people from the South China Sea, Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean neighboring countries and regions as well as African developing countries to study marine and related majors in China. Master's or doctoral degrees provide funding to train senior talents in related majors for developing countries in the region, strengthen international maritime cooperation and exchanges between countries, and promote the harmonious development of regional oceans. The China Scholarship Council is responsible for the admission and daily management of this scholarship.

1. Enrollment target

(1) Applicants must be citizens of non-Chinese nationality from South China Sea, Indian Ocean, Pacific surrounding and island countries, as well as African developing countries, and be in good health;

(2) The applicant must apply for a postgraduate degree in a major related to ship and ocean engineering;

(3) Personnel engaged in shipbuilding and ocean engineering and related industries will be given priority.


2. Applicants' academic qualifications and age requirements

(1) Applicants for master's degree must have a bachelor's degree, and the age is generally not more than 40 years old;

(2) Applicants for a doctorate degree must have a master's degree, and the age is generally not more than 45 years old.


3. Enrollment categories and scholarship period

(1) Master's degree students: study period is 3 years, scholarship period is 3 years;

(B) PhD student: 4-year study period, duration of the scholarship for four years;

(3) Applicants who choose Chinese as the language of instruction and need to learn Chinese can arrange a one-year Chinese tuition course, and the scholarship period will be increased by one year accordingly;

(4) The duration of the scholarship is the length of study determined at the time of admission, and in principle cannot be extended. If students cannot complete their studies on time due to special reasons, they can extend the funding period until they graduate after obtaining the consent of the State Oceanic Administration, the institution of study and the Scholarship Council.


4. Scholarship content and standards

(1) Exemption of tuition fees;

(2) Provide free on-campus accommodation;

(3) Provide living expenses: master's degree students: 3,000 yuan / month; doctoral degree students: 3,500 yuan / month;

(4) Provide comprehensive medical insurance for international students in China;



(1) Living expenses: The living expenses of the scholarship will be paid by the school on a monthly basis from the date of admission of the scholarship students. New students who register before the 15th of the month (including the 15th) will receive a full-month scholarship living allowance; those who register after the 15th will receive a half-month scholarship living allowance. The scholarship living expenses of graduates shall be paid half a month after the graduation date determined by the school. For those who suspend, drop out, or return to China after graduation, the scholarship living allowance will be suspended from next month. The scholarship living allowance will be issued during the school holidays; scholarship students who fail to receive the scholarship living allowance on time due to leave school during the holiday can be repaid after returning to school. Scholarship students who do not apply for leave but do not register on time, leave school for non-health reasons or absent from school for more than one month, will stop paying the scholarship living expenses for that month;


Scholarship students who need to suspend their studies due to pregnancy or serious illnesses should return to their home country to give birth or recuperate, and their travel expenses will be borne by themselves. With the approval of the school, the scholarship qualifications can be retained for up to one year, but the scholarship living allowance will be suspended during the suspension period. Scholarship students who suspend their studies due to other reasons, their qualifications for scholarships will not be retained;


(2) For detailed scholarship content, please refer to the relevant introduction on the website of the China Scholarship Council: http://www.csc.edu.cn/laihua .


5. Application channels and application time

Application deadline: April 15 , 2021 , subject to the paper application materials received within the deadline. (2021 Nian 18 January to 28 February for the school winter vacation, it is not recommended materials submitted by post or in the meantime)


6. Application materials

(1) "Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form" (fill in Chinese or English)

Fill in and submit the electronic registration information through the "Online Application Information System for Studying in China" by the China Scholarship Council Management Committee, and print the "Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form", sign and post a photo. (Log in to the website http://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn , and select the type of study abroad program as B after logging in to the system, and fill in 10217 as the acceptance agency number .


(2) "Harbin Engineering University Application Form for International Students" (fill in Chinese or English)

Fill in and submit the electronic registration information through the International Student Enrollment System of Harbin Engineering University ( http://issp.hrbeu.edu.cn ), and print the "Harbin Engineering University International Student Admission Application Form" with my signature and photo (two inches white background) photo).


(3) A photocopy of the individual's ordinary passport.

(4) Professors of Harbin Engineering University accept foreign study business prospects.

Applicants are encouraged to contact the relevant professional instructors of the School of Naval Engineering or the School of Hydroacoustic Engineering of our school in advance. If the tutor agrees to accept it, please submit the acceptance form issued by the tutor along with the application materials.


(5) Notarized highest education certificate. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations.

(6) Academic transcripts. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations.

(7) Plan to study or research in China. Applicants must submit a study or research plan written in Chinese or English. study plan format.doc

(8) Letter of recommendation. Two recommendation letters from professors or associate professors must be submitted, written in Chinese or English.

(9) "Foreigner Physical Examination Form". Please submit a copy and keep the original for yourself. Applicants should strictly follow the required items in the "Foreigner Physical Examination Form". The checklist with missing items, no photo of the person posted, or without the signature and seal of the doctor and the hospital is invalid. physical exam format.pdf


(10) Proof of no crime. (Texts in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations.)

Regardless of whether you are admitted or not, the above application materials will not be returned.


7. Scholarship admission

(1) The State Oceanic Administration and the school jointly form an evaluation team to integrate academic performance, scientific research results and tutor opinions, select the best candidates from the applicants, and finally determine the list of scholarship recipients and publish it;


(2) The CSC will send the "Admission Notice" and "Visa Application Form for Studying Abroad in China" ( JW201 Form) of the scholarship recipients to the admission school before July 31 each year;

(3) In principle, scholarship recipients are not allowed to apply for changing the admission school, major of study, and length of study specified in the "Admission Notice" after coming to China.


8. Annual review of scholarship

(1) The China Scholarship Council will conduct a comprehensive review of scholarship students’ academic performance, learning attitude, attendance, behavior, rewards and punishments in accordance with the requirements of the "Chinese Government Scholarship Annual Review Measures";


(2) Only those who pass the scholarship review are eligible to continue studying in China with the scholarship for the next academic year. Those who fail the review will be suspended or cancelled the scholarship qualification for the next academic year;


(3) Students whose scholarships are suspended can continue to study at the school at their own expense. If they wish to restore their scholarship qualifications, they can participate in the annual scholarship review for the next academic year. After passing the review, they can also apply for the restoration of scholarship qualifications;


(4) Those whose scholarship qualifications are cancelled cannot apply for restoration of scholarship qualifications;

For details, please refer to the "Chinese Government Scholarship Annual Review Measures".


9. Contact information

(1) Harbin Engineering University

Address: Office 714 , Main Building, Harbin Engineering University, No. 145 , Nantong Street, Nangang District, Harbin, China

Post Code: 150001

Contact : Yin Hua

Phone: + 86-451-82568218 , 82568266

Fax: +86-451-82530010

Email: heufao@hrbeu.edu.cn

Website: http://studyheu.hrbeu.edu.cn


(2) Department of International Cooperation, State Oceanic Administration of China

Address: Department of International Cooperation, State Oceanic Administration, No. 1 Fuxingmenwai Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, China

Post Code: 100860

Phone: +86-10-68048072 / 68048080

Fax: +86-10-68048080

Website: http://www.soa.gov.cn


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