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Online psychological counseling lecture



At 9:00 am on November 15 , 2020 , local Ukrainian time, Zhang Zhongyu from Harbin Engineering University gave an online psychological counseling lecture to all teachers of the Confucius Institute at Southern Normal University in Ukraine, and gave relevant psychological problems to Chinese teachers who have been in isolation for a long time. Answer.


The topic of the lecture is "Talking about Emotional Management and Psychological Decompression of Epidemics". It is mainly divided into five aspects. From the psychological problems that are prone to occur during the epidemic isolation period to how to solve such problems, Teacher Zhang Zhongyu knows everything and knows everything.




First, there are two main psychological problems that may arise during the epidemic. One is the psychological stress problem, although it is a normal reaction, it should be paid attention to in time; the other is the physical and mental problems, which are mainly manifested in anxiety and depression, depression, obsessive-compulsive symptoms, hypochondria and hysteria, as well as stress disorder and stress disorder. Panic attacks.


Second, how to deal with the psychological problems of home isolation. Mainly reflected in interpersonal isolation and psychological stress; the coping strategy is to transform anxiety and interpersonal support; the processing method is to formulate a reasonable daily plan, learn new skills, reasonably exercise to cope with chronic anxiety, use the Internet for interpersonal communication and learn to embrace love man of.


Third, how to adjust the psychological mood of the infected person or relatives. The emotions that will appear are fear, loneliness, and viral therapy. The coping method is to accept the situation of treatment or isolation, actively cooperate with the treatment, actively conduct human-machine communication, and seek professional support.


Fourth, how to prevent or interfere with the occurrence of psychology. The response is to actively filter information, ensure good sleep, exercise indoors and outdoors, actively communicate with family and friends, and seek professional support.


Fifth, how to intervene and intervene in teachers' psychological problems. Teacher Zhang Zhongyu formulated tailor-made coping strategies for teachers of the Confucius Institute at Nanjing Normal University. The first is to establish a self-help group of teachers to talk to each other about their psychological problems and relieve their psychological pressure; then they join a network group established by psychology teachers to help guide their psychological problems every week, and it can also be done online or offline by individual teachers. Psychological consultation; Finally, when necessary, you can seek psychological treatment at the outpatient clinic of a professional psychological hospital.




Psychological issues are a major issue during the epidemic isolation period and must be taken seriously and resolved. Thanks to Zhang Zhongyu from Harbin Engineering University for giving lectures on psychological counseling for the Chinese teachers of the Confucius Institute at Nanjing Normal University during his busy schedule.




Teachers will implement the psychological counseling lectures given by Zhang Zhongyu, clean up their moods, adjust their emotions, and continue to teach Chinese with a more active and healthy mental outlook. At the same time, they also hope that all Chinese teachers who teach Chinese all over the world will be well, healthy and safe.


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