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South Korean students donated money to school


On April 19th, our school’s 2018 Korean international student alumnus and legal person of Harbin Liang’s Catering Management Co., Ltd., Liang Dali, donated 10,000 yuan to the school to set up the “International Student Development Fund”, which became the first donation received by the school from an international student.




The donation ceremony was held in the conference room on the seventh floor of the main building. Zhang Zhijian, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, Vice President, and Executive Vice Chairman of the Education Development Foundation, attended the ceremony. The heads of the Alumni Office and the International Cooperative Education College attended the ceremony.




Liang Dali and Zhang Zhijian signed a donation agreement. Liang Dali presented a check of 10,000 yuan to the school. Zhang Zhijian gave back a donation certificate and a donation commemorative plaque on behalf of the school.


Zhang Zhijian said that in the context of the catering industry being affected by the epidemic, Liang Dallie’s donation more embodies the love of the alumni of international students, the social responsibility of the alumni of international students and the love of returning to their alma mater and society. The alumni of South Korean international students, as the link of China-South Korea friendship, promoted the academic and cultural exchanges between the two countries, and played a role of "one connection, one connection and one heart".




Liang Dalie said that he received the care, help and support of the school teachers during his time at school. After graduation, he always wanted to give back to the school and hoped to help the school achieve better development through his own efforts.


Alumni profile: Liang Dallie, a 2018 alumnus of our school, founded Harbin Liang’s Catering Management Co., Ltd. during his career in 2014, and opened a series of stores such as Liang’s barbecue restaurant and Liang’s soup restaurant in Harbin. At the same time, There are franchise stores in Xinjiang, Jiangsu, Inner Mongolia and other places, which are well received by customers. CCTV News Network, Heilongjiang TV Station and South Korean media have all reported about Liang Dali’s entrepreneurship in China.

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