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International Student Medical System


1. International students who enjoy public medical care must first go to the school hospital for medical treatment when they become ill;


2. The registration fee for the medical treatment of international students shall be paid by themselves, and the medical expenses shall be paid by the students themselves, and then the medical records and receipts shall be reimbursed in accordance with the school’s regulations at the International Students Office of the International Cooperative Education College;


3. International students who need to go to an off-campus hospital for diagnosis and treatment must have a referral form or corresponding certificate issued by a doctor at the school's hospital, and approved by the International Student Office of the International Cooperative Education College, before they can see a doctor in an off-campus hospital. Otherwise, all expenses will be borne by the international students themselves.


4. If the student really needs to be hospitalized, he should notify the International Student Office of the International Cooperative Education College, and the office staff will help with the relevant medical procedures.


5. The medical expenses, hospitalization expenses, nursing expenses and transfer expenses of the international students during the hospitalization due to illness shall be paid by insurance, and the food expenses shall be paid by themselves.

6. The expenses of dental implants, spectacles, artificial abortion, correction of physiological deficiencies, purchase of nutritional medicines, supplements, etc., shall be borne by the students themselves.


7. The expenses paid by the international student for the injury or death caused by violation of national laws, school rules and regulations shall be borne by the international student who caused the accident.


Protect risk

1. According to the relevant regulations of the Chinese government and the school, after coming to the school, international students must participate in the comprehensive medical insurance of Ping An Insurance Company of China, otherwise the registration procedures will not be processed. The amount of insurance premium is: RMB 600 for one year and RMB 300 for half a year.


2. For international students who enjoy the full scholarship of the Chinese government, the insurance premium shall be paid by the Ministry of Education. Other students need to pay their own insurance fees.


3. Insurance claims: International students can apply for them by themselves, or contact Ping An Insurance Company through the International Student Section of the International Cooperative Education College.


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