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3rd Chinese Film Festival

November 23, 2020


On November 19th, the "The 3rd Chinese Film Festival and 2020 Chinese Film Symposium-Analysis of Director Zhang Yimou's Works" hosted by the Confucius Institute at Daejin University was held at Daejin University Art Museum. More than 20 people attended the event, including Kim Hyong-ki, the Korean dean of the Confucius Institute at Daejin University, Kim Kim-sun, the Chinese dean, Han Yuzheng, professor of the Department of Drama and Film at Daejin University, Hong Xi, professor of the Department of International Geography, Park Eun-hee, professor of the Department of Media, and university students.


The seminar was hosted by Professor Han Yuzheng of the Department of Drama and Film at Dazhen University. In his opening speech, Jin Hyung-ki, Dean of Korean Medicine at the Confucius Institute at Daejin University, fully affirmed the students' enthusiasm for participating in this event and emphasized the importance of this seminar for students to understand Chinese culture.


This seminar took Zhang Yimou's film works as the theme. More than 20 students participating in this event introduced and discussed various aspects such as the use of colors, artistic features, narrative style, shooting techniques, and cultural connotations of Zhang Yimou's films. The students combined their own movie-watching experience and professional knowledge to interpret their own understanding and views on Zhang Yimou's films.


Finally, Jin Jinshan, the Chinese Dean of the Confucius Institute at Dazhen University, praised the students for their enthusiasm for Chinese culture in his closing speech. He hoped that this event would be a good opportunity for students to learn about Chinese movies and experience Chinese culture.


The Chinese Film Seminar provided students with a stage to showcase themselves. It not only demonstrated the charm of Chinese films represented by Zhang Yimou but also deepened Korean students' understanding of Chinese culture and stimulated their interest in China.


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