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Unique Chinese Colors in Images

July 24, 2020


The Confucius Institute at Dazhen University in South Korea held a lecture on Chinese culture with the theme of "Unique Chinese Color in the Image" on July 21, 2020. As one of our regular cultural lecture series, this lecture invites Park Yongxia, a Korean photographer traveling to China, through his six-year Chinese photography collection in more than 30 cities in China, and uses vivid photos to complement his stay in China. What he saw and heard showed the unique light and color of the Chinese landscape to the members of the cultural salon of the Confucius Institute at Dazhen University.




In the lecture, Park Yongxia showed his nearly 200 photos taken during his journey from Zhangjiajie to Guilin and Yunnan where ethnic minorities live, all the way north to Sichuan, Gansu, Qinghai, and then to Xi’an, the ancient capital of the 13th dynasty. He painted a magnificent picture of Chinese landscapes and waters for the people from all walks of life in South Korea, and by telling him about the customs and culture of the ethnic minorities in China, and what he saw during his travels, he let the audience experience the ethnic minorities as if they were on the scene. Feel the magnificence of China’s mountains and rivers, and feel the long history of Chinese history among the historical sites.




After the lecture, the audience said that the two-hour sharing session was a rare and good opportunity to gain a deep understanding of Chinese culture. The Chinese culture and Chinese landscape from the perspective of Koreans also made them unable to extricate themselves. Park Yongxia also said that the content he wants to show to the audience is insurmountable, and the extensive and profound national culture of China he has experienced during his travels cannot be displayed perfectly through a few hours of lectures. However, he will continue to be everywhere. Travel, continue to pursue the source of life of China's unique culture.


The Confucius Institute at Dazhen University will also continue to carry out such activities to spread Chinese culture more vividly so that more people can feel the unique charm of Chinese culture and Chinese landscape.


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