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The Harbin Normal University Library was founded in 1951 and is currently one of the libraries with the largest scale and the richest collection of documents among the universities in Heilongjiang Province. At present, with the main library of the school as the main library, there are sub-centers for literature and materials such as the Hulan branch and the reference rooms of the colleges, with a total area of about 65,000 square meters. The main library of the school is divided into the Jiangnan Pavilion and the Jiangbei Pavilion. The Jiangnan Pavilion was built in 1951 and completed the expansion project in 2001. It covers an area of 18815 square meters. The collection features mainly art books; the Jiangbei Pavilion was completed in 2003. The museum was officially opened in November of the same year, covering an area of 32,000 square meters. In 2004, the Jiangbei Pavilion was awarded the "National Quality Project Silver Award" by the National Engineering Construction Quality Award Examination Committee. It has a collection of characteristic ancient books. In addition, the Hulan branch is 9,670 square meters, and the departmental reference rooms are 4398 square meters.

The library has a rich collection of literature resources, of which the total amount of paper collections reaches 3.4 million; the non-paper collections of resources are 3.06 million. The library's digital resource construction has begun to take shape, with a total of 30 Chinese and foreign periodicals databases, 6 online teaching resource databases, 4 network-assisted teaching platforms, and a disk array capacity of 24T. The library also faces key disciplines and has built five characteristic databases. The library currently has 17 reading rooms with different functions, 5,458 reading seats, and four modern academic lecture halls with multimedia, simultaneous interpretation and other functions that can accommodate nearly 1,000 people.


At present, there are 421 kinds of rare ancient books in the collection, 6076 volumes, more than 10,000 kinds of ordinary ancient books, more than 100,000 volumes. A total of 20,508 volumes were published in the Republic of China, including the First Collection of the Four Series and the Wanyou Library. The feature of the collection is that it is based on the ancient books of Ming and Qing Dynasties, and the genealogy, local history and Jibu ancient books are relatively rich. The collection of ancient and modern celebrity calligraphy and paintings also has a considerable influence, such as the oracle bone script of Youshou, the calligraphy and painting of Qi Gong, etc. Among them, the Ming dynasty manuscript "Preface to the Ancient and Modern Scriptures" is the only one at home, which has attracted widespread attention from domestic and Taiwanese scholars; the Ming Dynasty orthodox eight years of "The Precepts of the Zen Forest" is the oldest ancient book in our library's collection, and the current domestic preserved version is relatively small. Rare; Ming Dynasty Min's overprinted "Chu Ci" two volumes, classified supplementary notes Li Taibai's twenty-five volumes and other ancient books are especially precious.


In March 2008, our school library was successfully selected into the first batch of national precious ancient books list and the first batch of national key protection units of ancient books announced by the State Council. On June 9, 2009, another 7 ancient books were selected and successfully entered the ranks of the second batch of key protection units for ancient books. In May 2010, in the third batch of "List", three more ancient books were selected. So far, a total of 10 ancient books in the library of our school have been selected into the "National Catalog of Precious Ancient Books".




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