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Hunan Agricultural University is a university jointly established by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the People's Government of Hunan Province, a national civilized campus, and a domestic first-class university in Hunan Province (Akind). "Father of Hybrid Rice" Academician Yuan Longping once served as the honorary principal of the school.


The predecessor of the school was 1903 Zhou Zhenlin, Huang Xing, Xu Teli, Mao Zedong and others taught in the Xiuye School founded in 1988.1951year3The Hunan Provincial Xiuye Agriculture and Forestry College, developed from the Xiuye School, merged with the Agricultural College of Hunan University to form the Hunan Agricultural College. Chairman Mao Zedong wrote the name of the school.1994year3It was renamed Hunan Agricultural University in September. After hundreds of years of trials and hardships, the school has been advancing, always adhering to the tradition of loving agriculture for agriculture, and practicing the mission of strengthening agriculture and rejuvenating agriculture. Now it has developed into a teaching and research university with agronomy as the main body and coordinated and coordinated development of multiple disciplines.


School has 20 Colleges,1 Independent colleges, graduate schools and continuing education colleges, disciplines covering agriculture, engineering, arts, science, economics, management, law, medicine, education, art, etc.10Door class. There are national key disciplines1A key discipline of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs1A first-class construction discipline in the province 3A first-class cultivation discipline in the province 7 One, the province's "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" advantageous characteristic disciplines2A key discipline of the province's "Twelfth Five-Year Plan"15Piece. Plant and animal science, agricultural science, environment/Ecology, Chemistry, Engineering Science, etc.5 Subjects ESI Ranking before entering the world1%. There is a post-doctoral research station10A first-level discipline authorized by doctoral degree 11A master's degree authorized first-level discipline 23 Types of authorized master's degree13It is the first batch of units in the country to be granted the right to grant a master’s degree; there are undergraduate majors 80 Piece,Among them, the national first-class undergraduate professional construction point15Piece, a provincial-level first-class undergraduate professional construction point20Piece; existing general full-time undergraduates on campus30476People (independent colleges5967Person), current research student 5336 people.


Existing full-time teachers 1505 Persons, faculty and staff with senior titles 979 People, faculty and staff with a master's degree or above 1870 people. There are academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering 4 People, "Changjiang Scholars Award Program Candidates", National "Year Experts with Outstanding Contributions" and other national talents 41 People, provincial talents 354 people. There is a national teaching team1Piece, Huang Da year-style teacher team1Piece, Science and Technology Innovation Team of the Ministry of Education 2 Piece, outstanding scientific research talents and innovative teams of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs 3 Piece, Hunan Innovation Team 6 Piece, Excellent Teaching Team in Hunan Province 6 Piece. There are "double-employed" academicians among the external teachers6Member of the National Academy of Sciences 2 People, Yangtze River Scholar 3 people.


The school is the first batch of pilot construction units of the New Rural Development Research Institute in the country, taking the lead in the establishment of a national level "2011"Collaborative Innovation Center 1 Piece, the provincial and ministry co-construction"2011"Collaborative Innovation Center 1 Piece, provincial"2011"Collaborative Innovation Center 3 Piece; National scientific research platform 8 Piece, provincial and ministerial scientific research platform 79 Piece. Accumulatively won national scientific and technological achievement awards 27 Item, Provincial and Ministerial Science and Technology Achievement Award500Remaining items; approved new varieties 300 Yu Piece; authorized patent 1400 More items. The selected new varieties of rape, pepper, tea, rice, corn, potato, peanut, grape, cotton, citrus, pig, tobacco and other new varieties and the formation of practical technical achievements have been promoted to cover the whole country.


School and 30 Multi-Piece country 100 Many universities, government agencies, and international organizations have established close ties with Ohio State University, the University of Greenwich in the United Kingdom, Kagoshima University in Japan, etc.20Many universities have established cooperative education relations, and it is one of the first universities in Hunan Province to start a Sino-foreign cooperative education program.


Looking forward to the future, the school will continue to uphold the school motto of "Simple, sincere, hardworking, truth-seeking, and innovative" and the school-running philosophy of "Quality-based school, academically prosperous school, and talented talents". Relocate to the connotative development path with improving quality as the core, and strive to build a first-class domestic agricultural university with "excellent quality, outstanding advantages, and distinctive characteristics".


Hunan Agricultural University



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