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1.Q: What kind of university is Hunan Institute of Technology?


A:This is the contact information about Hunan Institute of Technology


2.Q: What is the school code of Hunan Institute of Technology?




3.Q: How many campuses does Hunan Institute of Technology have?


A: The school has 2 campuses, the main campus and the south campus


4.Q: What are the qualifications for applying to Hunan Institute of Technology?


A: Answer the eligibility


5.Q: Where is the address of Hunan Institute of Technology?


A:: No. 18, Henghua Road, Zhuhui District, Hengyang City, Hunan Province


6.Q: What are the accommodation conditions of Hunan Institute of Technology?


A: The school implements apartment management, the dormitory has four standard rooms and non-standard rooms


7.Q: What is the contact information of Hunan Institute of Technology?


International Cooperation Exchange Office, International Education College Director's Office 3452052 Teaching Building 1019
Associate Dean's Office, General Office, School of International Education 3452399 Teaching Building 1017
International Exchange Project Office 3452306 Teaching Building 1020



8.Q: Hunan Institute of Engineering how many colleges are there in the university?


A:The university has 12 second-level teaching institutes (departments), 21 Party and government management organizations, 3 Party and mass organizations, 8 directly affiliated units, and 45 undergraduate programs.


9.Q:How many students are there in the university?


A: The school currently has 19,009 full-time students.


10.Q: Hunan Institute of Technology what is the ranking of the university in China?


A:Hunan Institute of Technology is ranked 433 in China this year


11.Q: Hunan Institute of Technology when was the university founded?


A: 1975


12.Q:Hunan Institute of Technology how big is the university?


A: It covers an area of more than 1,400 acres


13.Q:How many majors does the university have? Hunan Institute of Technology


A:45,National first-class undergraduate specialty construction points and characteristics of four, the Ministry of Education "excellence initiative" pilot major three province characteristic specialty and key support 4, first-class professional construction of hunan province professional 14 points and comprehensive reform pilot, through the Ministry of Education of higher education teaching certification center of engineering education accreditation professional one. 4 provincial applied characteristic disciplines (key construction disciplines).


14.Q: If I don’t have a passport, can I apply forHunan Institute of Technology?


A: No


15.Q: With which countries does Hunan Institute of Technology establish international cooperative relations?


A: The school actively develops international exchanges and cooperation, and has established cooperative relationships with more than 30 universities in more than 10 countries including the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea, and Malaysia.


16.Q: What is the Sino-foreign cooperation project of Hunan Institute of Technology?


A: The electrical engineering and automation co-organized with the University of Sunderland in the UK is a Sino-foreign cooperative education project approved by the Ministry of Education.


17.Q: How is the surrounding environment ofHunan Institute of Technology?


A: Hunan Institute of Technology is located in Hengyang, the second largest city in Hunan Province, one of the birthplaces of Hunan culture and the central city in southern Hunan, with a beautiful environment and convenient travel.


18.Q: How are the campus facilities inHunan Institute of Technology?


A: The school building covers an area of more than 560,000 square meters. The total value of teaching and research equipment is 215 million yuan, and the library has more than 1.57 million paper books.


19.Q:Hunan Engineering School How's the traffic nearby?


A: Convenient transportation, both buses and taxis


20.Q: Can I live off campus if I am accepted by the school?


A: No








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