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Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine held an international student theme open class and documentary graphic exhibition opening


"What is China in your eyes?" "Do you fully understand Chinese history?" On May 25, a lively, interesting and dry-packed "Orient of the World·China in the Eyes of the World" themed open class was held at the International Exchange Center Staged in the lecture hall. Vice President Liu Hongxiang attended the event. This event was guided by the Hunan Provincial Department of Education and co-organized by the School of International Education and the School of Humanities and Management.




An original song "Gypsophila" opened the curtain of the open class. Three teachers from the International Education College and the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine gave a lecture on the theme, and the students performed on the same stage. The open class was divided into "Opening the World" and "The Rising Sun" The three chapters of "Towards Renaissance" incorporate various forms such as rap and interaction at the same time, using Chinese culture as a bridge and history as a link to bring the "Dawn of New China", "Foundation of New China", "Achievements of New China", etc. The content is organically connected, vividly showing the glorious course of the Chinese Communist Party in uniting and leading the people of all ethnic groups to stand up, become rich, and gradually become stronger. International students from different countries have gained a better understanding of Chinese culture, Chinese history, and Chinese diplomacy through this themed open class, so as to better understand China, integrate into China, and love China.


"Chinese culture is extensive and profound, and Chinese history is magnificent. The development of cultural brand activities with rich content and various forms can effectively promote cultural identity." Vice President Liu Hongxiang said that he hopes that the majority of international young students will carry forward the spirit of one family and the world for the public, and work together to help. Build a community with a shared future for mankind and achieve win-win sharing."




After the theme open class, the "Orient of the World·China in the Eyes" documentary exhibition opened. This exhibition is divided into three exhibition areas: "Great Power Diplomacy", "International Students' Diary in China", and "Invite You to Create and Check-in". Among them, the "Great Power Diplomacy" exhibition area also features Yuan Longping's "Dream of Hexia" and "Hybrid Rice". Covering the global dream" and the touching stories behind it and the lofty communist spirit were displayed. It is reported that after the opening of the exhibition, international students from other universities in Hunan will be invited to visit together, so that more international students can understand the glorious history of the Chinese Communist Party in the past century.



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