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International Education Institute organizes first aid knowledge and skills training for international students


In order to further enhance the safety awareness of international students and the ability to deal with emergencies, master the basic knowledge and basic operating skills of first aid, and be able to carry out effective self-rescue and mutual rescue at the scene of accidents, to achieve the purpose of protecting lives and preventing accidents, May 13 On the morning of the day, the first aid knowledge and skills training for international students was held at the Changsha Pre-hospital First Aid Training Center. Li Jie, deputy dean of the School of International Education, student management counselors and more than 20 international students participated in the training.





This training centered on cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the use of AED, airway foreign body obstruction rescue, trauma hemostasis, snake bite treatment, etc., and was divided into two major modules: theoretical training and practical training. Some students also experienced scenes such as office building fires and vehicles wading through water through the VR virtual training system. International students have said that the training has greatly improved their safety awareness and first aid ability, and will be able to correctly carry out self-help and mutual rescue in emergencies in the future.


In recent years, the International Education Institute has carried out a series of activities for the construction of a safe campus in a multi-faceted and full coverage manner, which has effectively raised the awareness of international students' laws and regulations, personal safety and property safety precautions. This event is another extension of the college's "I do practical things for teachers and students" practice activities of the College of International Education following the "Entry and Exit Legal Class".




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