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 International students participate in the "World Chinese Bridge Connecting Luxi" research activities







From September 27th to 29th, at the invitation of Hunan People’s Broadcasting Station and Luxi County People’s Government, the International Education Institute organized 20 international students from Pakistan, Ghana, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, Iraq, Zambia, Malaysia, Liberia and other countries to participate. "World Chinese Bridge Connecting Luxi" Global Chinese students studying in Luxi.



During the three days and two nights of research activities, the international students visited the Luxi County National Culture Exhibition Center, tasted ethnic cuisine, and enjoyed the Chenhe Gaoqiang performance, known as the "living fossil of the East". In Mawangxi Village, the first village in western Hunan, I visited the agricultural base demonstration park and the ponkan boutique park, and experienced grape picking and ceramic making. In Yanmen Castle, I experienced the traditional culture of Yanmen Castle and danced the dragon lantern in person. In addition, they also walked into the ancient town of Pushi, known as "Little Nanjing", the first of the four famous towns in western Hunan, where they carried out intangible heritage projects such as stepping tigers, Miao counting yarns, and steelyard making. Make. The international students said that the activities have benefited them a lot, and the scenery and culture of Xiangxi are lingering, and they are even more amazed at the breadth and depth of Chinese culture.



Through research activities, international students have increased their understanding of Chinese culture, and have a close perception of the profound cultural heritage of Hunan. At the same time, they have also promoted our school's international schooling achievements and showcased our school's international students' demeanor.






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