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Epidemic prevention of international student volunteers


Xiao Xing checks the body temperature of residents


A group photo of Xiao Xing and Chinese volunteers


Volunteer Service Post in Yuelu District

Standing guard, body temperature testing... Xiao Xing, a "post-90s " college student from Pakistan, has become an anti-epidemic volunteer since March 10. "Gatekeeper".

The epidemic prevention volunteer service team of Jinxing Jinyuan Community was formed spontaneously by the community owners. Xiao Xing, an international student of our school, actively joined the volunteer team when he heard the news. The volunteer leader Liu Yong said that Xiao Xin joined the volunteer service team and has undergone strict review by his community. In actual work, Xiao Xing has been diligent and enthusiastic and has completed the community's joint prevention work against the epidemic. At the same time, Xiao Xing's participation has allowed the general public in the community to have a better understanding of international friends, and the friendly greetings and voluntary services have made the public feel warm. Xiao Xing is a 2018 -grade medical student in our school. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the school cannot start as scheduled, so he has been studying and living at home. When he saw the community openly recruiting volunteers to fight the "epidemic", he resolutely signed up because he wanted to contribute his own strength to the prevention and control of this epidemic.

"Since the beginning of the epidemic, I have read a lot of reports. I especially want to contribute my own strength to this epidemic. I want to do the best of volunteer work." Xiao Xing said, seeing that everyone is fighting the epidemic. Working hard, I also want to join their team and fight with them at the grassroots level. Therefore, Xiao Xing became a member of Jinxing Jinyuan Community to assist community cadres in prevention and control work.

Although the volunteer work is boring, he said: “When I look at the safety of my guarding community, there will be an impetus in my heart. Although I am a foreigner, the epidemic does not know national borders.”

Xiao Xing went to China to study, actively integrated into the class, and often participated in various school activities.

Such as the 2019 International Chinese Education Conference. He is keen on public welfare and has participated in the international outstanding student recognition conference, New Year's party, winter vacation, and other volunteer work.

On the front line of the fight against the epidemic, there are many aspiring young people like Xiao Xing. Our school has Xue Li, Li Li, Si Junyu, Chengxin, Dai Yu, Manno, Lin Shuzhen, Han Anjie, Dai Li, Edward, Princess, Ming Li, and Meng Li. During this special winter vacation, Na had sacrificed her rest time and used her actions to demonstrate the responsibility of the younger generation. In different positions, in different locations, and at different times, they all played the role of "gatekeeper" in the face of the epidemic like Xiao Xing, and contributed their own strength to the epidemic.



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