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A thank you note

Leading teachers from the International Office of Hunan Normal University:


      Sincerely thank your school for donating a batch of anti-epidemic materials to St. Joseph University at the time when the epidemic is the most serious in the United States, including 1,500 disposable medical masks and 40 boxes of Lianhua Qingwen capsules. At present, all materials have been distributed. Among them, 500 masks and 20 boxes of Lianhua Qingwen Capsules have been specially reserved for the students of Hunan Normal University who are studying in our school according to your requirements.   

The kind deed of Hunan Normal University not only made the teachers and students of SJU feel the warmth from Chinese universities but also made the Chinese students studying at SJU, especially the international students of Normal University, feel the care and love from their alma mater and the motherland! At a time when the United States was in short supply of epidemic prevention materials, the leading teachers of the International Office of Normal University, after learning that international students at St. Joseph University lacked epidemic prevention materials, immediately extended a friendly hand to us and donated a large number of epidemic prevention materials. Materials, this makes us in a foreign country very excited and grateful! Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, our overseas students have always loved the motherland and paid great attention to the development of the epidemic. They have donated money and materials to return to the country, hoping to contribute to the joint fight against the epidemic. After receiving the masks and medicines from your school, the Chinese students expressed their gratitude to the motherland and hoped that their achievements would serve the motherland.

Thank you again for your donation to the University of Saint Joseph and your contribution to the global fight against the "epidemic"! On the way to fight the epidemic, thank you for having you!

Finally, I sincerely wish the friendship between our two schools lasting!

Saint Joseph University

Chinese Students and Scholars Association

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