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Scholarships for foreign students


1. General

In order to attract more outstanding foreign students to apply for our school and encourage foreign students on campus to study hard, the Hunan Normal University Scholarships for foreign students have been established.


2. Objects of funding

(1) Non-Chinese nationals.

(2) Physical and mental health, good character, and learning.


3. Types of scholarships and applicants

Type: Comprehensive scholarship and individual scholarship

Applicants: outstanding self-financed students who have studied in our school for one year or more; outstanding self-financed students who are about to enroll; the individual award recipients are limited to school students, but not duplicated with the comprehensive award.


4. Application time:

March 1st — May 31st


5. Application process

Applicants submit the materials to the acceptance department before the deadline for comprehensive selection in our school, and after the school publicizes, the school officially announces the list of scholarship winners and informs the students themselves.


6. Application materials

(1) Freshman applicants

"Hunan Normal University Scholarships for foreign students application form"; final academic qualification or degree certificate; an academic transcript of the graduate school; health certificate; applicants for a master's degree or above must provide two associate professors or more from the graduate school Recommendation letter-written in Chinese or English; Chinese or English proficiency certificate

(2) Current students

"Hunan Normal University Scholarships for Foreign Students Application Form"; academic transcript; college recommendation letter; attendance sheet; original award certificate.


7. Receiving department and contact information

International Student Admissions Section

International Exchange and Cooperation Office of Hunan Normal University

Address: Room 227, Mulan Building, 36 Lushan Road, Yuelu District, Changsha City, Hunan Province

Tel: 073188872992 Fax: 0731-88854711



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