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HUST Hold Lantern Festival Celebrations for International Students


On February 19, 2019, the School of Basic Medicine held a special Lantern Festival for international students. Wang Fang, Deputy Dean of the School of Basic Medical Sciences, Zheng Yaowu, and Hu Fanghua, Office of International Studies in China of the School of International Education, and Chen Xi, international student counselors of the School of Basic Medical Sciences, joined nearly 40 international students from 30 countries with the undergraduate, master, and doctoral degrees Traditional Chinese festival-Lantern Festival.




Dean Wang Fang first sent holiday blessings to the students. She said: The Lantern Festival is the last important festival in the Chinese New Year’s customs, and it is also a day for a family reunion; although the students cannot get together with relatives and friends in the motherland, they are studying in China, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and Basic Medical College. It is the second home of the classmates. The teachers and classmates around you are your families. I hope that my classmates will not only bring advanced medical knowledge but also spread Chinese culture and build a bridge for Sino-foreign exchanges and cooperation.




At the event site, international student counselor Chen Xi introduced the origins, legends, customs, and other traditional cultures of the Chinese Lantern Festival with pictures and texts. During the introduction process, through guiding students to assemble Lantern Festival lanterns, guiding students to guess lantern riddles, and conducting Lantern Festival knowledge quizzes and other interactive forms, the enthusiasm and participation of international students in learning were fully mobilized.








Afterward, Dingli Dingri Bandage Poornima Prasad Jayasekara from Sri Lanka, Wilhelm Mauricio da Silva Teixeira from Cape Verde, and Madhurabhashini RATHINA SABAPATHY from India introduced similar traditional festivals and related customs of their motherland and Lantern Festival. . LIYANARACHCHIGE DONA SACHIN PAMODI DISSANAYAKE from Sri Lanka and KHADIJA BAIYA from Morocco also sang songs in both Chinese and English, expressing their love for the basic medical school family.




After the event, international students expressed their gratitude to the teachers. They were very happy to learn the deep cultural connotation behind the Lantern Festival. They were very lucky to be able to integrate into the traditional Chinese festivals. The Lantern Festival Fair held by the School of Basic Medical Sciences also made the international students who came to China for the first time or even went abroad feel the warmth of home and inspired them to devote themselves to the new semester with a fuller spirit. During the study, a new journey of chasing dreams is started.



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