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Huazhong University of Science and Technology is a key comprehensive university directly under the Ministry of Education. It was established by the merger of the former Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Tongji Medical University, and Wuhan Urban Construction College on May 26, 2000. It is a national key construction of "Project 211" and "Project 985". One of the construction universities is the first batch of "double first-class" construction universities.


The school campus covers an area of more than 7000 acres, with lush trees, green grass, an elegant environment, beautiful scenery, and a green coverage rate of 72%. It is known as a "forest university". The school's teaching and research support system is complete, and various public service facilities are complete.


The school has a complete range of disciplines and a reasonable structure, basically building a comprehensive, research-oriented university discipline system. With 10 disciplines including philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, science, engineering, medicine, management, art, etc.; there are 106 undergraduate majors, 46 master degree authorized first-level disciplines, and 44 doctoral degrees Authorized first-level disciplines, 39 post-doctoral research mobile stations. There are currently 7 first-level national key disciplines, 15 second-level national key disciplines (internal medicine and surgery are counted as three-level), and 7 national key (cultivation) disciplines. In the fourth round of discipline evaluation by the Ministry of Education, 44 disciplines of our school participated in the evaluation, and all of them were on the list. Among them, 4 disciplines including mechanical engineering, optical engineering, biomedical engineering, public health, and preventive medicine entered A+, and 14 disciplines of A category. 33 subjects of B+ and above. There are 8 first-class construction disciplines selected.


By the scientific and technological development strategy of "leading application, basic breakthrough, and coordinated development", a scientific and technological innovation system covering three levels of basic research, high-tech research, and technology development has been constructed. It has built the Wuhan Optoelectronics National Research Center, the National Pulsed High Magnetic Field Science Center (in preparation), and the precision gravity measurement research facility. It also has a national manufacturing innovation center, 4 national key laboratories, and national defense science and Technology Key Laboratory, 6 National Engineering (Technology) Research Centers, 1 National Clinical Medicine Research Center, 1 National Medical Center, 1 National Engineering Laboratory, 2 National Specialized Laboratories, 6 Ministry of Science and Technology, National International Science and Technology Cooperation bases and a batch of provincial and ministerial research bases.


The school adheres to the school thinking of "service is the purpose, a contribution is a development", facing the main battlefield of national economic construction, combining education, research, and industry, and closely cooperating with local governments and large enterprises. It develops through the establishment of overseas research institutes and industrialization bases. Horizontal scientific and technological cooperation and other methods serve the regional economic construction.


The school adheres to the concept of open education and actively carries out all-around and multi-level international exchanges and cooperation. At present, it has developed friendly cooperation with 321 universities and institutions in 41 countries and regions in the world. The School of Engineering Science is one of the first four international demonstration colleges in the country. The China-EU School of Clean and Renewable Energy is listed as one of the 40 typical cases of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Europe.


Affiliated Union Hospital and Tongji Hospital are large modern comprehensive hospitals integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, and training. They are medical diagnosis and treatment centers in Hubei Province and even the central and southern regions. The affiliated Liyuan Hospital highlights the characteristics of geriatrics and is the Hubei Provincial Geriatric Disease Prevention and Research Center.


Huazhong University of Science and Technology is aiming to create a world-class university, upholding the school motto of "Being ethical and honest, seeking truth and innovation", dare to compete, be good at transformation, concentrate on scientific development, comprehensively improve the level of schooling, and strive to create a more brilliant tomorrow.

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