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2021 winter holiday theme activities was successfully held


On January 15th, the online theme activity of the 2021 winter vacation for international medical students was officially launched. The themed activity was organized by the Medical International Student Office of the School of International Education. The activity was a complete success and received positive responses.


Ms. Luo Meiying was the organizer and moderator of the event, and Ali Wari, a 1996 grade outstanding Palestinian alumni of our school, was invited as the keynote speaker. Since January 2020, Ali Wari, as a special guest of official media in Asia, Europe, and other countries, has been interviewing on the topic of China's global epidemic prevention and control.


The purpose of the activity is to let all medical international students have a comprehensive understanding of China's power in global epidemic prevention and control. At the same time, we always firmly believe that this is not only an arduous but inevitable "battle", but also a "battle" of national mobilization and unity. This is a significant advantage of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics and a strong guarantee for winning the Sniper War in epidemic prevention and control.


During the pandemic, everyone is under strong psychological pressure. However, we can still see and feel the positive energy of the country and individuals in this battle. The whole country is united as one, so our psychological ability should also be far better than in the past. Therefore, we should adopt scientific methods to adjust our psychology and move forward with a smile, because the medical workers in the front line use their wisdom and precious lives to safeguard a healthy life.


Ms.Luo Meiying delivered a concluding speech, and she expressed her gratitude to international students for their understanding and support throughout the year. At the same time, she reminded all medical international students to be cautious from the beginning to the end, do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic normalization, and once again told the domestic international students to avoid non-essential travel. At the end of the speech, she expressed that we will enter a new stage of development after the pandemic. The epidemic situation has examined our immunity and the strength of the country. Next, we should pay more attention to introspection, fix our shortcomings, and eventually win the battle. Let's witness the upcoming highlight moment together and look forward to getting together on campus.



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