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1.Q: What kind of university is Hunan University of Technology?


A: Hunan University of Technology is a comprehensive university with a history of more than 60 years. In February 2006, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, the school was renamed Hunan University of Technology from Zhuzhou Institute of Technology. In the same year, Zhuzhou Teachers College and Hunan Metallurgical Vocational and Technical College were merged.


2.Q: What is the school code of Hunan University of Technology university?




3.Q: How many campuses does Hunan University of Technology have?


A: The school has 2 campuses, namely the new campus and the technical campus


4.Q: What are the qualifications for applying to Hunan University of Technology?


A: The following documents are required for application. The forms shall be filled in the computer and sent to us in the word version.

①Application Form 

②Physical Examination Form for Foreigners

③A copy of the passport information page

④Certificate of schooling (copy) and academic records (original), education certificate and diploma along with notary certificate

⑤Non-Criminal Certificate

⑥Certificate of HSK(Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi)is just for those who want to get an academic degree; English proficiency certification is for those who want to get an academic degree which will be tauch in Chinese.

Visa application documents:

Students will apply to the local Chinese embassies and consulates for a student visa (X visa) with Visa Application for Study in China (JW202) and Admission Notice provided by HUT.


Office of International Students Enrollment and Managemet

Tel/Fax: +86 731 22183886


5.Q: Where is the address of Hunan University of Technology?


A: Taishan West Road, Tianyuan District, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province


6.Q: What are the accommodation conditions of Hunan University of Technology?


A: The apartment is newly built in 2017. You can apply for single/double room with separate bathroom, hot water supply, and complete appliances.


7.Q: What is the contact information of Hunan University of Technology?


A: Tel: 0731-22183936


8.Q: How many colleges are there in Hunan University of Technology?


A:The university has 22 teaching colleges and 1 independent college. It has established a discipline system with engineering as the main subject and coordinated development of engineering, science, management, liberal arts, economics, law, education and art.


9.Q: How many students are there in Hunan University of Technology?


A: 30,633 students


10.Q: What is the ranking of Hunan University of Technology in China?


A: Ranked 339 nationally


11.Q: When was Hunan University of Technology founded?


A: 1961


12.Q: How big is the area of Hunan University of Technology?


A: 3853.7 mu


13.Q: How many majors does Hunan University of Technology have?


A: 80 undergraduate majors, including 1 national teaching team, 5 provincial teaching team; 1 national experimental teaching demonstration center, 6 provincial basic course demonstration laboratory practice teaching demonstration center; There are 11 national first-class undergraduate programs, 1 national comprehensive reform pilot program, 5 national characteristic majors, 25 provincial first-class undergraduate programs, 6 provincial comprehensive reform pilot programs, 11 provincial characteristic majors, and 5 provincial key majors


14.Q: If I do not have a passport, can I apply for Hunan University of Technology?


A: No


15.Q: How many students can get scholarships from Hunan University of Technology?


A: Excellent students can be obtained through scholarship selection


16.Q: Which foreign universities does Hunan University of Technology associate with?


A: At present, the school is connected with Arizona State University, State University of New York, California State University, University of Akron, University of Derby, Lincoln University, Macquarie University of Australia, University of New South Wales, University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart, Germany, Yonsei Korea Universities, Japan's Holy Spring University, University of Malaya in Malaysia, Nelson Mandela Institute of African Science and Technology in Tanzania, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and other well-known overseas universities and research institutions have established extensive scientific research cooperation and academic exchanges; And co-trained doctoral students with more than ten domestic universities such as Southeast University and Central South University.


17.Q: How is the surrounding environment of Hunan University of Technology?


A: Beautiful environment


18.Q: How about the campus facilities of Hunan University of Technology?


A: The campus has complete facilities and convenient daily use


19.Q: How about the traffic near Hunan University of Technology?


A: Convenient transportation, both buses, taxis and subways


20.Q: Can I live off campus if I am accepted by the school?


A: No







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