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International Admissions Programs


1.School of Packaging and Material Engineering


Bachelor: Packaging Engineering, Printing Engineering, Polymer Science and Engineering, Biotechnology, Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering

Master: Physical Chemistry of Materials, Material Science, Material Processing Engineering, Packaging Engineering, Materials Engineering


2.School of Packaging Design and Art


Bachelor: Product Design, Environment Art Design, Visual Communication Design, Arts and Media, Cartoon, Art Design

Master: Art Science,Design Science, Art Design


3.School of Metallurgy and Material Engineering


Bachelor: Metallurgical Engineering, Metallic Materials Engineering,Inorganic Nonmetal Material Engineering

Master: Metallurgical Material Engineering,Metallurgical Engineering


4.School of Civil Engineering


Bachelor: Civil Engineering, Architectural Environment & Energy Application Engineering, Water Supply and Sewerage Engineering

Master: Geo-technical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Municipal Engineering, Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering, Bridge and Tunnel Engineering

5.School of Computer Science


Bachelor: Computer Science and Technology, Communication Engineering, Software Engineering, Network Engineering, Internet of Things Engineering

Master: Computer System Architecture, Computer Software and Theory, Computer Application Technology, Electronic Communication Engineering


6.School of Electrical and Information Engineering


Bachelor: Electrical Engineering and Automation, Automation, Electronic Information Engineering, Measuring & Control Technology and Instrumentation

Master: Motor and Electrical, Power System and Automation, Power Electronics and Power Transmission, Electrical Theory and New Technology, Control Theory and Control Engineering, Electrical Engineering


7.School of Traffice Engineering


Bachelor: Electronic Science and technology, Information Engineering

Master: Electrical engineering, Electronic and Communication Engineering


8.School of Life Science and Chemistry


Bachelor: Biotechnology, Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Technology

Master: Biomedical Engineering


9.School of Mechanical Engineering


Bachelor: Mechanical Design, Manufacture and Automation, Material Formation and Control Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design

Master: Mechanical Design, Manufacture and Automation, Mechanical Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Design and Theory, Vehicle Engineering, Mechanical Engineering


10.School of City and Environment


Bachelor: Urban and Rural Planning, Architecture, Natural Geography and Resource Environment, Environmental Ecological Engineering

Master: Green Packaging and low Carbon Management, Residential Environment Design


11.School of Science


Bachelor: Information and Computing Science, Applied Physic, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Electronic Information Science and Technology

Master: Mathematics, Networked Control System


12.School of Business


Bachelor: Marketing, Human Resource Management, Business Management, Public Service Administration, Information Management and Information System

Master: Management Science and Engineering, Regional Ecosystem Management, Accounting, Business Management, Tourism Management, Logistics Engineering, Public Management


13.School of Economics and Trade


Bachelor: Accounting, Financial Management, Financial Engineering, International Economy and Trade, Investment Science

Master: Accounting


14.Schoool of Literature & Journalism


Bachelor: Advertising, Journalism, Chinese Language and Literature, Drama, Film and Television Literature

Master: Drama, Film and Television Literature, Radio and Television


15.School of Laws


Bachelor: Law

Master: Law Theory, Constitution and Administrative Jurisprudence, Criminal Jurisprudence, Civil and Commercial Law, International Law


16.School of Foreign Languages


Bachelor: English, Translation, Japanese

Master: Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics


17.School of Physical Education


Bachelor: Physical Education, Leisure Sports Administration, Sports Training

Master: Physical Education, Leisure Sports Administration,


18.School of Music


Bachelor: Musicology, Dance Performance

Master: Drama and Film and Television Music, Music, Dance


Application fee:


RMB 300 yuan



Students Status Period Tuition (RMB yuan) Check-in Time
Chinese Language Program One year 6000—10000/year September
Bachelor Four years 6000—12000/year September
Postgraduates Three years 7000—16000/year September

Accommodation: two-bed room RMB 3000 yuan/person each year
four-bed room RMB 1500 yuan/person each year



RMB 800 yuan each year

Physical Examination: 


RMB 500 yuan each year (Students pay to the hospital)

Visa/Residence Permit:


RMB 400-800 yuan each year (Students pay to the Bureau of Public Security)



Around 900 yuan each year


 The following documents are required for application. The forms shall be filled in the computer and sent to us in the word version.


①Application Form 

②Physical Examination Form for Foreigners

③A copy of the passport information page

④Certificate of schooling (copy) and academic records (original), education certificate and diploma along with notary certificate

⑤Non-Criminal Certificate

⑥Certificate of HSK(Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi)is just for those who want to get an academic degree; English proficiency certification is for those who want to get an academic degree which will be tauch in Chinese.


Visa application documents:


Students will apply to the local Chinese embassies and consulates for a student visa (X visa) with Visa Application for Study in China (JW202) and Admission Notice provided by HUT.




Office of International Students Enrollment and Managemet




+86 731 22183886



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