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The notice on launching the selection of the 2021-year Chinese-Russian government scholarship is based on the "Educational Cooperation Agreement between the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation" and reached an agreement with the Russian Humanities Cooperation Agency, entrusted by the Ministry of Education, the 2021-year China Scholarship Council will continue to select Overseas students go to Russian institutions of higher learning to study, pursue advanced studies or engage in scientific research.


Selection category and duration of studying abroad


Visiting scholar: 3-10 months


Going abroad to study for doctoral degree graduate students: 36-48 months (including one year of preparatory study)


Going abroad to study for a master's degree postgraduate: 24-36 months (including one year of preparatory study)


Undergraduate transfer students, joint master's degree students: 6-10 months


Select a major


Priority will be given to Russia’s superior disciplines, including precision sciences, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, new materials, petroleum engineering, medicine, physics, chemistry and other science and engineering majors, as well as Russian language and literature, law, economics, history, international relations, sociology, and journalism , Literary creation and other humanities and social sciences majors.


·Supporting content


During the study abroad, enjoy the scholarship provided by the Russian side (tuition-free, part of the scholarship), and the China Scholarship Fund provides exchange scholarship subsidies for overseas students and one round-trip international travel expenses.


·Foreign language conditions


In principle, when applying for a master's degree or a doctoral degree abroad, it is necessary to meet the Russian requirements stipulated in the "National Foreign Language Qualifications for Study Abroad by the State". Those who do not meet the Russian standard can also apply. If you are admitted, you must participate in the Russian elementary class training organized by the Ministry of Education for Overseas Study Personnel Training Department before being dispatched. Only after passing the training can be dispatched; after going to Russia, language learning will be carried out according to the Russian arrangement.


Visiting scholars must meet the Russian language requirements stipulated in the "Qualification Requirements for Foreign Languages Sent by the State to Study Abroad" when applying for visiting scholars.


The time for online application of scholarship from the Chinese and Russian governments for 2021year is 15-25 days from 3moon. Applicants must log in to the "National Government-Sponsored Study Abroad Management Information Platform" ( to register online and upload application materials as required. Each accepting unit will send (send) the official recommendation letter and the list of recommended persons to the Eurasian and African Affairs Department of the China Scholarship Council before 4moon1.


Please refer to the attachment for the specific introduction, application materials, application materials list and description, and time schedule of the relevant projects. If you have any questions, please contact the Eurasian and African Affairs Department of China Scholarship Council.


Contact: Huang Yueyue, Wuyue


Phone: 010-66093933/3559




Address: 13th Floor, Building A3, No. 9 Chegongzhuang Street, Xicheng District, Beijing (Postal Code: 100044)


Attachment: Chinese-Russian government scholarship selection guidelines and attachments (see the link below)


China Scholarship Council: Notice on launching the 2021 year Chinese and Russian government scholarship selection and download of the Chinese and Russian government scholarship guidelines and attachments




Other matters needing attention


1. The online registration and application time for this project is March 15-25, 2021. According to the relevant requirements of the provincial government and the relevant approval procedures in the school, the applicants must complete the online report before 17:00 on March 25 and communicate with The paper application materials (in duplicate) with the matching content submitted online, together with Attachment 1 or Attachment 2, shall be submitted to the International Exchange Section of the 511 Office of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office, and will not be accepted after the deadline.


2. Two copies of the applicant’s paper materials: a copy of the personal ID, a copy of the title certificate, a copy of the academic degree certificate, which must be verified by the applicant’s college and affixed with an official seal; award certificates, topics, thesis, etc. The materials must be stamped and verified by the department responsible for verification and affixed with the official seal (such as the Science and Technology Office, the Social Science Office, the Institute of Higher Education, etc.); if the applicant is a student, the college or graduate school shall be stamped for verification and affixed with the official seal; application materials The "Unit Recommendation Opinion Form" in the online report materials is filled out by the unit uniformly, and left blank when submitted to the International Exchange Office.


3. All materials are clamped with fishtail clips, together with attachment 1 or attachment 2, put them into a transparent A4 file bag, and hand in the materials in the whole bag.


Contact: Teacher Zhou


Contact number: 0731-22183870


Contact address: International Exchange Section, International Cooperation and Exchange Office (Office of International Exchange Section 511, Chongde Building)



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