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1. Q: What kind of university is Huazhong Agricultural University?

A: Huazhong Agricultural University is located at the foot of Nanhu Lion Mountain in Wuhan City, Hubei Province. It is a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education of China, featuring life sciences and coordinated development of agriculture, science, engineering, literature, law, economics, and management; Approval of world-class discipline construction universities, key construction universities of "211 Project" and "985 Project Advantage Discipline Innovation Platform", and Chinese government scholarship host universities for international students in China.


2. Q: What is the school code of Huazhong Agricultural University?

A: 10504


3. Q: How to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship of Huazhong Agricultural University?

A: There are two ways to apply:

Apply with the Chinese embassy (consulate) abroad or the student dispatching department of your home country. Please consult the Chinese embassy (consulate) or the project acceptance department abroad for the specific application time and application process;

Apply for a Chinese government scholarship to the Admissions Office of the International Student Management Office of Huazhong Agricultural University. This project only enrolls master and doctoral students.


4. Q: When is the application time and admission time for the Chinese Government Scholarship of Huazhong Agricultural University?

A: The application time is the spring semester of each year, usually from December 1st to March 31st of the following year. Applications are only open once a year. The admission time for the graduate program of Huazhong Agricultural University is at the beginning of September each year. If you cannot register on time due to personal reasons, your scholarship qualification will be cancelled at the same time.


5. Q: What are the precautions when filling in the "Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form" of Huazhong Agricultural University?

A: The "student category" column should correctly select the type of student you want to apply for, not the academic qualifications you have obtained; the personal information on the application form (including name, gender, nationality, date of birth, passport number) must be in the same passport The information is completely consistent. If the applicant does not have a passport or the passport is about to expire, please fill in the relevant information in the online application system in time after applying for or replacing a new passport. Otherwise, part of the information on the admission notice and visa application form (JW201 or JW202) will be missing or displayed incorrectly, which may result in the Chinese Embassy's refusal to apply for a visa.


6. Q: Do I need to pay an application fee to apply to study at Huazhong Agricultural University?

A: No application fee is required to apply to study at Huazhong Agricultural University.


7. Q: I am a recent graduate of this year and cannot provide the highest degree certificate to Huazhong Agricultural University. What should I do?

A: Please submit a pre-graduation certificate or a certificate of enrollment issued by the relevant department of your school (department of academic affairs, graduate school). If you are admitted, you must provide the original graduation certificate and degree certificate when you register at the school. If the original certificate cannot be provided or the certificate provided fails the verification, the admission qualification will be cancelled and the international travel expenses incurred will be borne by the applicant.


8. Q: If two or more professors from Huazhong Agricultural University have issued acceptance letters, do I have to attach them to the application materials?

A: No. Only one professor's acceptance letter can be attached to one application material. Our school does not approve applicants to contact multiple professors at the same time, but if applicants receive acceptance letters from more than Other professors who issued the acceptance letter explain and obtain their understanding and consent, otherwise we will deal with it seriously after enrollment.


9. Q: Why are the colleges and majors in the admission notice of Huazhong Agricultural University not exactly the same as the ones I applied for at the time?

A: A small number of applicants will have this situation. This is mainly due to the different divisions of disciplines in different countries and the inconsistent professional names. Therefore, when contacting the instructor, please fully communicate with the instructor, clearly state the professional field you want to learn, and ask the instructor to fill in the template of the acceptance letter clearly to avoid unnecessary trouble in the later period. The major to be admitted in the acceptance letter will be the final major, and the issuing professor will be the applicant's tutor. Once the admission notice is issued, the major and tutor cannot be changed.


10. Q: The online application system of Huazhong Agricultural University needs to fill in the emergency contact person in China. Can I fill in the information of my relatives in my home country?

A: No, please fill in the contact information of a relative or friend in China. If there are no relatives or friends in China, please fill in the emergency contact information of your country's embassy or consulate in China. Emergency contacts in China cannot fill in the International Student Admissions Office or related staff of Huazhong Agricultural University.


11. Q: Do both the father and mother's information in the online application system of Huazhong Agricultural University need to be filled in?

A: Both are required, and please be sure to fill in their correct and effective contact information, including telephone and email, so that we can contact your parents as soon as possible under special circumstances.


12. Q: Does Huazhong Agricultural University can teach in English for all enrollment majors or can some majors be taught in English?

A: Not every major can be taught in English. For details, please carefully check our annual enrollment directory.


13. Q: How do international students choose the teaching language of Huazhong Agricultural University? What are the requirements for Chinese-taught and English-taught? Can I change the language of instruction?

A: Applicants who choose to teach in Chinese must have a Chinese level of at least HSK5, preferably HSK6. If you fail to meet the requirements of our school for the time being, it is recommended to learn Chinese first, and then apply to our school for professional study after your Chinese proficiency meets the requirements of our school. Applicants who choose to teach in English and whose official language is not English, in principle, need to reach TOEFL (IBT 80) and IELTS (6.0 and above) in English. Once the language of instruction is determined, it cannot be changed.


14. Q: I submitted an application for a Chinese government scholarship at Huazhong Agricultural University. Can I still submit the application through Chinese embassies (consulates) abroad or the international student dispatch department of my country?

A: It is best to choose a way to apply in order to avoid wasting places. If you have received Chinese government scholarship funding through Chinese embassies (consulates) abroad or your home country's international student dispatching department, please be sure to inform us as soon as possible.


15. Q: To apply for Chinese government scholarships through Chinese embassies (consulates) abroad or the dispatching department of international students in my country, do I need to submit the materials to Huazhong Agricultural University?

A: No need. Please submit the application materials to the Chinese embassy (consulate) abroad or the overseas student dispatching department of your country.


16. Q: Is the e-mail address, current contact address, permanent contact address, and contact number required by the Huazhong Agricultural University application system important?

A: Very important. E-mail is the most commonly used communication channel between our school and applicants. Many important information of the Admissions Office is used to inform applicants through e-mail. Applicants must fill in a valid and regularly checked e-mail address. The Admissions Office will often send some confirmation information to applicants via email. If there is no effective feedback within the specified time, it will be deemed to have been given up automatically. The current contact address, permanent contact address and contact phone number are mainly used to send admission materials. The admission materials are important documents for the applicant to apply for visa and enrollment registration. Therefore, the applicant must provide a detailed, clear and effective contact address and telephone number. The current contact address can be the same as the permanent contact address.


17. Q: What is the difference between the graduation criteria for overseas graduate students of Huazhong Agricultural University and Chinese students?

A: At present, the graduation standard for foreign students in our school is the same as that of Chinese students.


18. Q: How do I know the admission result of my application to Huazhong Agricultural University?

A: Applicants for Chinese government scholarships through Chinese embassies (consulates) abroad or their home country's international student dispatching department, please check the admission results with the department of the scholarship program you applied for;

Applicants who apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship through Huazhong Agricultural University will be announced in batches. The admission results of the first batch are generally announced in mid-July, and the second batch will be announced at the end of July. The announcement forms include website publication and email notification. Please pay attention to browse the website and check your personal e-mail address.


19. Q: What are the fees included in the Huazhong Agricultural University Scholarship?

A: Scholarship content:

  • Free tuition;
  • Free accommodation fee;
  • Provide living expenses, the standard is: master students: 2100 yuan/month; doctoral students: 2500 yuan/month.


20. Q: What are the application materials for the Huazhong Agricultural University Scholarship?

A: Application materials:

  • Application form
  • Highest degree certificate or pre-graduation certificate
  • Transcript
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • photocopy of passport
  • study plan
  • Admission notice provided by the professor of Huazhong Agricultural University
  • Proof of language ability
  • Other supporting materials (for example: award certificates, published academic papers, certificates of specialty, etc.)


21. Q: What is the contact information of Huazhong Agricultural University?

A: Contact information:

  • Address: No. 1 Shizishan Street, Hongshan District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province
  • Zip code: 430070
  • Phone: +86-27-87281296
  • Email:


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