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Go Cloud Festival on Chinese New Year Day


The Panorama of Plum Garden.



Gao (left) and Wang (right) lead the audience to admire plum blossoms from home by live stream.



Gao communicates with international students and sends New Year wishes.



Li enjoys plum blossoms and takes pictures of them.



Gao and Li send New Year greetings to the online and offline faculty, students, and alumni.


On February 12, 2021(the first day of the Lunar New Year), HZAU's"Go Cloud Festival on Chinese New Year’s Day" was held for the first time in Plum Garden on the shore of South Lake in HZAU, live-streaming the spectacular view of the shimmering plum blossoms with a variety of Spring Festival activities to the public. Through live streaming and appreciating plum blossoms on the spot, faculty, students, alumni, and parents celebrated the Chinese New Year and expressed their New Year greetings.


With the birds happily chirping around and beautiful plum blossoms giving off tantalizing fragrance, Plum Garden in HZAU welcomed the first visitors, who were beaming with pleasure when admiring the first flowers in nature to herald the spring. On the roadside at the south end of the Student Activity Center, the teachers and students enjoying the plum blossoms were writing the Chinese character Fu (which means happiness and blessedness) with brushes, while the children were learning the lion dance. The red paper scattered on the lawn set off the joyful and fervent atmosphere of the Spring Festival.


The first live stream was hosted by Gao Chi (Secretary of CPC Committee of HZAU) and Wang Fengzhu (a director from Graduate School). While enjoying the plum blossoms, they chatted about the history, distribution, species, form, and color of plum blossoms. After sharing the poems and artworks related to plum blossoms with the audience, Gao observed that plum blossoms symbolized perseverance and grit, the spirits all the students should learn. "On the ice-clad rock rising high and sheer, a flower blooms sweet and fair,” he added. “During COVID-19 pandemic, the symbolic qualities of plum blossoms such as maintaining optimism and enthusiasm in adversity are more needed in people.”



Stay-put students appreciate plum blossoms.



Two visitors have a picture taken with plum blossoms.



A teacher writes Fu in Plum Garden.



Two girls observe and smell plum blossoms. 



The tourists pose for pictures with the working team of “Go Cloud Festival on Chinese New Year’s Day on Lion Mountain”.  


In the live stream, Gao sent his New Year wishes to all students and faculty, alumni from home and abroad, parents and friends from all walks of life, wishing them longevity, wealth, health, virtue, and peaceful death, the five blessings represented by five petals of plum blossoms. He also sent New Year greetings to several international students, such as Amir, Tariq, and Ali, who came to appreciate the plum blossom.


President Li Zhaohu wrote Chinese character Fu and sent greetings to all via live steam. He also paid a new year’s call to everyone through live video and wished the school greater achievements. In the end, Gao and Li expressed their New Year blessings to all the faculty, students, and alumni. The event concluded with laughter and the best wish “May you be happy every day”.


Located on the south side of the Student Activity Center, the plum garden is HZAU’s germplasm resource bed for scientific research. As a distinctive cultural activity of HZAU, the event “Go Cloud Festival on Chinese New Year” originated in the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic when people had to welcome the new year at home. With the coming of spring and the blossoming of more flowers, HZAU will invite more students and faculty to enjoy the beautiful spring landscape on campus in different ways.


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