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Huazhong Agricultural University Scholarship

1. Introduction

Huazhong Agricultural University Scholarship is funded and established by Huazhong Agricultural University to encourage and support outstanding international students to study for master's and doctoral degrees at Huazhong Agricultural University.


2. Scholarship content

Free tuition

No accommodation fee

Provide living expenses, the standard is: master's students: 2100 yuan/month; doctoral students: 2500 yuan/month

Provide comprehensive insurance


3. Application time:

December 1st-June 30th


4. Online application:


5. Application materials

1) Application form

2) Highest degree certificate or pre-graduation certificate

3) Transcript

4) Two letters of recommendation

5) Copy of passport

6) Study plan

7) Acceptance letter provided by the professor of Huazhong Agricultural University

8) Proof of language ability

9) Other supporting materials (for example: award certificates, published academic articles, special expertise certificates, etc.)

Note: For information about professors at Huazhong Agricultural University, please visit the website:


6. Contact

International Student Admissions Office, Huazhong Agricultural University, No. 1 Shizishan Street, Hongshan District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province

Zip code: 430070

Phone: +86-27-87281296


For more information, please visit the website:


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