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Opening of training class for department-level cadres



On the morning of April 22, the school’s newly-promoted director-level cadre training class opened in the Western District Shuyuan Conference Room, and Huang Longhai, deputy secretary of the school’s party committee, gave a mobilization speech for the opening of the class. Lu Qing, a member of the school party committee and head of the organization department of the party committee, presided over the training meeting. More than 60 newly promoted cadres from the school headquarters and vocational and technical colleges participated in the training class.


At the opening ceremony, Huang Longhai reviewed the school's work developed in 2020 and introduced the adjustment and appointment of the school's department-level cadres. He pointed out that under the unified leadership of the school party committee and the active participation of the majority of cadres, the school completed the appointment of some department-level cadres, with 48 new department-level cadres promoted, 11 department-level cadres, and the structure of the school's department-level cadres obtained. With further optimization, the overall quality has been improved to a certain extent. At the same time, with the joint efforts of all leading cadres and teachers, students and staff, and under the premise of fulfilling the requirements of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the central task of the school’s talent training has been continuously promoted, the level of scientific research has been continuously improved, the social service capabilities have been continuously expanded, and the school has been comprehensive The construction presents a good situation of seeking progress while maintaining stability and making progress while maintaining stability.


Huang Longhai put forward six hopes for newly promoted cadres at the division level in combination with the school party history study and education. The first is to improve the political position and fully understand the importance of improving the quality of cadres; the second is to strengthen the party spirit to make oneself more politically mature; the third is to strengthen learning, continuously enhance the "four consciousnesses" and strengthen the "four self-confidence", Achieve "two maintenances" and build the foundation of belief; fourth is to strengthen ideological training and political experience; fifth is to focus on practice, adhere to problem orientation, and effectively enhance the ability to do work; sixth, to strictly train discipline to ensure training Education has achieved tangible results.


After the opening ceremony, Zhang Shiwei, secretary of the Party branch of the School of Economics and Management of Inner Mongolia University, gave all the trainees training in document writing and processing. Zhang Shiwei made a detailed analysis and interpretation of the characteristics and functions of official documents and the basic principles of official document handling from four aspects: what is an official document, how to deal with an official document, how to write an official document, and how to write an official document.




In the afternoon, Wang Zhongdong, member of the school party committee and director of the propaganda department, presided over the training meeting. Wang Wanyi, secretary of the specially invited school’s party committee, gave a special report.


Wang Wanyi made a summary of the school’s school history, school philosophy, and development ideas with the title of "Knowing the school to rejuvenate the school, taking responsibility, working hard, and striving to be a new force for school construction and development in the new era and new journey", and how to plan Promoting the development of the school’s "14th Five-Year Plan" education has proposed a direction of thinking. Wang Wanyi pointed out that the school’s development process is divided into four stages: the initial development stage, the stable development stage, the rapid development stage, and the connotative development stage. It is necessary to summarize the school’s development experience, overcome shortcomings, seize opportunities, and implement the school’s current and long-term development goals. Continue to implement the "131467" strategic action plan to promote the steady progress of the school's various undertakings. He also put forward specific requirements on how to "strive to be a qualified school cadre", that is, to establish "six consciousnesses" (a sense of overall concept, awareness of responsibility, awareness of hard work, awareness of unity and cooperation, awareness of openness and innovation, Awareness of integrity and self-discipline) and "five abilities" (strong political ability, learning and thinking ability, scientific decision-making ability, management coordination ability, realistic and innovative ability), and encourage all newly promoted cadres to maintain a serious and responsible work attitude , Keep learning in practice, strive to improve the ability to perform duties, cherish opportunities, cherish posts, cherish image, work hard, continue to know the school, take responsibility, and work hard, and strive to be a middle school in the new era and new journey Build a new force for development and return the trust of the school party committee and the entrustment of teachers and students with excellent performance.




It is understood that the training class will end on the 24th, focusing on ideals and beliefs education, college party style and clean government education, confidentiality education, and professional ability improvement, so that newly promoted cadres can change their roles as soon as possible and improve their ability and level of performance. Provide a strong guarantee for the development of the school's career.

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