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Opening ceremony of the "Internet plus" competition



On April 16, the opening ceremony of the 7th "Internet +" College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and the opening ceremony of the training class was held in the lecture hall of the Teaching and Research Building, West District. The principal Gao Julin attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Huang Longhai, deputy secretary of the school party committee, presided over the meeting.




At the launching ceremony, Gao Julin put forward three suggestions in terms of school development, employment and entrepreneurship, and student training. First, we must know our responsibilities and accurately grasp the significance of innovation and entrepreneurship education. Second, we must conscientiously compare our hearts and effectively implement the requirements for detailed innovation and entrepreneurship. Third, we must promote employment and entrepreneurship, and provide solid services to the overall high-quality development of schools. He emphasized that we must fully understand the current situation and shortcomings of the current school’s innovation and entrepreneurship education, take a correct view of the new requirements and challenges of the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy for the innovation and entrepreneurship education of agricultural and forestry universities, build a platform for college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship, and guide college students to devote themselves to the countryside. Rejuvenate the main battlefield, strive to cultivate "agriculture, rural areas, and farmers" talents in the new era who understand agriculture, love the countryside, and love farmers, and earnestly implement General Secretary Jinping’s affectionate message and important reply to "to establish morality and build people as the foundation, and to strengthen agriculture and agriculture as his own responsibility" spirit.


Gao Julin requested that all relevant departments and colleges should attach great importance to, earnestly implement the spirit of the employment and entrepreneurship documents of the central and autonomous regions, adhere to problem-oriented and goal-oriented, promote the re-detailed work system, promote the integration of resources, and promote the re-strengthening of the mentor team. , With a new look, work together, and earnestly take responsibility for the employment and entrepreneurship of our school’s students, have a good heart, have a good heart, have love in the chest, and must have love, and promote all departments and colleges in the school "ten On the new starting point of the "Fourth Five-Year Plan", the school will achieve higher quality development of innovation and entrepreneurship education. At the same time, he hopes that the teachers who participate in the "double innovation" mentor training class will study hard and learn something. I wish the school will achieve another good result and make more brilliant achievements in the 7th "Internet +" College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.




Angel investor, Ma Defu, a think tank expert of the Ministry of Education's "Double Innovation" Education and Steering Committee, interpreted the "Double Innovation" work and the "Internet +" competition from the political background of the "Internet +" competition, the purpose, and tasks of the competition. He said that innovation is an important force that promotes the development of a country and nation, and it is also an important force that promotes the development of the entire human society. Facing the new tasks and requirements of national development, colleges and universities should deepen the reform of systems and mechanisms, accelerate the implementation of innovation-driven development strategies, and regard the more international, comprehensive, innovative, and Chinese "Internet +" competition as the transformation and upgrading of colleges and universities. The key is to use competition to promote teaching and competition to promote evaluation, cultivate high-quality compound talents with innovative and entrepreneurial capabilities, and build a "double innovation" education system project.




At the meeting, Qu Zhongyi, Dean of the School of Water Conservancy and Civil Engineering, as the representative of the college, improved the innovation and entrepreneurship education system, strengthened innovation and entrepreneurship teachers; cultivated innovative and entrepreneurial thinking models, broadened innovation and entrepreneurship practice channels; explored the integration of innovation and entrepreneurship, industry and education, and promoted innovation Entrepreneurship and competition to promote learning and other three aspects introduced the process and results of the college's gradual improvement of the innovation and entrepreneurship mechanism and system since 2015.




Professor Wang Yamei from the School of Materials Science and Art Design, the instructor of the silver prize project "Materia Medica-The Pioneer of Chinese Herbal Antiseptic Technology for Wood" in the 6th China "Internet+" College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and Professor Wang Yamei from the School of Materials Science and Art Design. During the on-site roadshow, she shared her experience and experience in guiding students to participate in the competition.




Liu Xinyuan, a representative of the "Yeast Fresh" project team representative of the 6th China "Internet+" University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the National Bronze Award, the Gold Award of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and the 2017 plant protection major of the College of Horticulture and Plant Protection, shared the experience and encouraged young students Actively participate in the competition, be diligent and studious, constantly exercise skills and techniques, so that practice makes perfect and keep improving.




In his concluding speech, Huang Longhai pointed out that the concept of mass entrepreneurship and innovation has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the cultivation of "double entrepreneurship" talents has risen to the height of the national strategy. Innovation and entrepreneurship education is a way to meet the needs of current economic and social development and national development strategies. Teaching concepts and models are an effective way to develop the creative thinking of college students and cultivate their ability to adapt to future society and innovation. It is hoped that the relevant persons in charge, staff and teachers, and students of all departments and colleges will further learn and understand the spirit of the central government, implement the requirements of the autonomous region, and do a good job in the learning and organization of competition activities by the school's related plans, extensive mobilization, and active participation. All "double innovation" instructors should cherish the learning opportunities of participating in this training class, abide by the learning discipline, study hard, and strive to improve their skills.


Nearly 400 people from the Youth League Committee, the Academic Affairs Office, the Science and Technology Office, the Graduate School, the Admissions and Employment Office, as well as the deans, deputy secretaries, deputy deans of the colleges, counselors, mentors, and student representatives, attended the event.




After the launching ceremony, Ma Defu introduced the basic concepts, characteristic methods, teacher positioning, curriculum design, and platform support to the students in the form of a combination of online and offline. Liu Yongchang, CTO of Beijing Touzhi Network Technology Co., Ltd., director of the China Human Resources Development Research Association, and member of the Examination Committee of the Ministry of Information Industry, took the "Internet +" contest as the core, analyzed the evaluation rules, procedures, and characteristics, and taught the students how to become Excellent project.


It is understood that the training course will end on the evening of April 17th. There are a total of "Internet+" project instructors, "Innovation and Entrepreneurship Basic Courses" instructors, teachers in charge of innovation and entrepreneurship in various colleges, and participating in the 7th "Internet+" 98 students including students of the University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition participated in the training. During the training, the trainees will conduct online answering discussion and analysis, participate in offline team simulation teaching, rehearsal training, and other activities, help them master the knowledge, methods, tools, and skills of entrepreneurial guidance and consulting, teaching, and improve the professionalism of innovation and entrepreneurship. Guidance and teaching ability.



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